Jackie and Marilyn | Channel Flannel

Believe it or not, winter is on its way out (for now)! But before we started having these unseasonable warm temps, I still had plenty of chances to wear my favorite flannel shirt.

aaIMG_6732I have had this shirt since high school, and my favorite part about it is how thick and structured it is. It is as flannel as flannel can get, so I thought I should dress it up with some more feminine pieces so I didn’t get mistaken as a lumberjack.

aaIMG_6739It’s hard to see the print, but this skirt actually has little red giraffes on it. LITTLE RED GIRAFFES! I don’t think I have to say anymore.
aacIMG_6741 aaIMG_6737I kept the red theme going with my deep red boot socks. I love how these peek out my boots – but I especially love how warm they are. Even though I’m beyond thrilled about summer being on its way, I will be sad to see my big comfy socks go. I promise to not wear them with my sandals.

aaIMG_6741I think the most feminine part of this outfit is my headband, which I have sang my praises of on here before. If something can be bedazzled and I STILL want to wear it, then it must be special! I have never been a rhinestone studded sort of girl, but I think this outfit playfully tows that line. Now where is my pink cowboy hat?

aaIMG_6742What I Wore:
Shirt: THE PAST?
Skirt: Lola
Tights: Target
Socks: Steve Madden
Boots: ModCloth
Headband: Len
Earrings: Gifted
Sunglasses: Ruche

– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn: Our First Bird-Day!

Today is very special for us here at Jackie and Marilyn: It is our first birthday! One year ago, we launched our first blog post highlighting our Oscar party style choices.

BIRDAY1To celebrate our birthday – or, dare we say, “bird-day” – we wandered around Melissa’s neck of the woods in Cannon Falls, Minn., to check out the town and take some photos!

BIRDAY2BIRDAY4BIRDAY5BIRDAY18BIRDAY16BIRDAY23Melissa came up with the idea for a “bird-day” celebration thanks to this lovely new frock from eShakti. As Brianna already had this ModCloth gem at the ready, it was a no-brainer.

BIRDAY35We started the blog with the mission to share our personal styles and, hopefully, provide some outfit inspiration for our readers. Hopefully we have accomplished that!

BIRDAY17BIRDAY15This year has brought about plenty of changes for the both of us: new jobs, new puppies, engagements and more. One thing, however, has remained constant: We are still a couple of goobers who are lucky to have each other as friends 🙂

BIRDAY8Thank you for taking the time to read our style blog! Hopefully you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

BIRDAY22 BIRDAY20What Brianna Wore:
Dress and Belt: ModCloth
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: ModCloth
Shoes: Kelly & Katie (in black)

Dress: Eshakti.com (similar)
Blazer: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Goodwill
Hair Flower: Target
Sunglasses: Shopruche.com

BIRDAY7BIRDAY11BIRDAY37We look forward to starting our second year with a bang, including a special sale at Melissa’s Instagram shop! Tomorrow, if you FOLLOW and COMMENT on our birthday Instagram post, you will get 50% off at The Curious Closet Shop. Just mention it during check out!!
BIRDAY3If you have any feedback for us as to what you liked or didn’t like in our first year, please let us know in the comments! Ultimately we want this blog to be helpful for anyone who follows it, so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and suggestions!
Thanks for hanging out with us in our little corner of the Internet 🙂

BIRDAY19Brianna and Melissa

Marilyn Style: You Are A Beautiful, Talented, Brilliant, Powerful Musk Ox

As we learned in Brianna’s last post, Galentine’s Day is where it is at. I welled up during the Parks and Recreation series finale Tuesday night but I’m so happy that this holiday will live on in infamy.
zzIMG_6687 zzIMG_6688Seeing as how my (would be) Valentine’s outfit was on the vampy side, I wanted to go the exact opposite for Galentine’s Day. If it was ethereal or pink, I was interested. My outfit did have one thing in common with my outfit the night before, though: I wore another nightgown.
zzIMG_6691 zzIMG_6690I don’t know what it says about our current fashion trends when vintage nightgowns are a million times more elegant than any present day-wear I have … but I’m glad that these things exist. My mom bought me this nightgown in high school for “dress up” as she fueled my vintage obsession from a young age. I recently tried it on again to see if it was a viable wedding dress. It was a definite frontrunner to be honest, but I found “the one” so I wanted to make sure I got to wear this baby out sooner rather than later.
zzIMG_6705Since it was so so very cold on this day, I picked out the quilted jacket that goes with this dress. Nothing like pink, flowers, lace and quilting to make you feel ultra feminine!
zzIMG_6689If I had a salvagable pair, I would’ve worn pink or white tights instead of tan. But you work with what you have! I recently got these (potentially wedding?) heels from Goodwill so I thought now would be a good time to test run them. I didn’t come home with bloody toes and that’s really all you can ask from a heel!

As far as accessories go, I really really wanted to wear a flower crown but didn’t have one. I had just ordered a bunch of plastic petals for wedding crafts, so at the last minute I decided to make one with some thread! It was great because I have a giant head, so getting to make something custom to my bobble head really helped me to keep it on the whole time with out whining about a headache. I kept the feminine look going with a single strand of pearls and pearl heart-shaped earrings.
zzIMG_6711 zzIMG_6709
Let the lady praise continue until next G-Day!
What I Wore:
Dress: Vintage
Coat: Vintage
Flower Crown: Homemade
Earrings: Gift/Crafted
Pearls: Target
Shoes: Goodwill

Jackie Style: Beautiful, Naive, Sophisticated Newborn Babies

As I mentioned last week, I’m not much for Valentine’s Day. I am, however, all about Galentine’s Day

What’s Galentine’s Day?! It’s only the best day of the year! The concept comes from Parks and Recreation (which ends tonight, but I refuse to believe that is actually happening…) but ladies have been celebrating ladies for ages. Now we have a name for it and it should be a national holiday!

I like to celebrate the holiday by hosting a Galentine’s Day tea party for my lady friends the weekend of Galentine’s Day, which is on February 13. 

 For the occasion, a fancy outfit seemed fitting.

IMG_9760IMG_9761Also, a second pair of heart tights…they were on mega clearance BEFORE Valentine’s Day, how could I not buy two pairs?!IMG_9876I chose a dress that matches my tea cups – blue and white filigree pattern. Luckily I also had a Jamberry manicure that matched too!

IMG_9890I also chose a necklace that matches my tea cups…because it’s a tea cup.

IMG_9878I love Galentine’s Day. It’s a day to get your ladies together, appreciate each other and let one another know you are loved. Nothing is more important than positive lady behavior! 

Lady love of course extends to puppy ladies.

IMG_9769 IMG_9778What I Wore: Dress: ModCloth (Style Surprise)
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Etsy
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: ModCloth

For the party, I baked lemon tea cakes and put out four different types of tea with make-your-own-tea-bags. Some of the guests brought some treats as well and afterward I felt like I was going to burst.

IMG_9746A couple of my lady friends brought their puppies. It’s a no boys allowed party, with the exception of babies and dogs. My friend Sarah brought her human baby, who definitely captured attention. It’s definitely one of my favorite days of the year 🙂

IMG_9996 IMG_9948 IMG_9962 IMG_9953 IMG_9977 IMG_9981 IMG_9924Did you have a Galentine’s Day party? I’d love to hear what you and your lady friends do!

Marilyn Style: My (Would Be) Valentine

Last year on Valentine’s Day, this guy I had only met once (but had been talking to incessantly) sent flowers to my work and a little note professing his feelings. I was much like Brianna as a Valentine’s Underachiever,  but because of this little gesture this day means a lot more to me than it used to. So this year, with my Valentine on the right side of the country, I was excited to be able to spend the day with him!

zIMG_6682We had tickets to go see a performer we like in the city and I was promised myself some pizza. The performer, Tickle Torture, is a bit, uh, racy…but has absolutely great catchy Prince-on-cocaine like music that will instantly pull you in. So seeing as how he was going to be dancing on stage in a golden thong and setting off confetti canons, I decided to go a little “racy” as well. Now let me warm you, this is a neglige I’m pulling off as a dress with a nude slip underneath. So no, you’re not staring at my unmentionables but my slip would like you to think so!
zIMG_6674As Brianna mentioned, it was INSANELY cold out on V-day, so I wore a long black duster, a couple layer of tights, and planned on wearing my big jacket as well. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about the cold because…
zIMG_6679Right before we were about to leave, our puppy ate an entire bag of cat food and his stomach ballooned to five times its size. Since his breed is prone to “bloat”…the concert was canceled for us! Before I changed out of my outfit and in to “puppy watch” sweatpants, I made Adam take some photos as proof that I tried!
The cold, the drive, the staying up late and the general coziness of my house actually had me pretty relieved that we weren’t going out. I think I’m officially old! And don’t worry, after many trips to the bathroom…Brim is feeling much better.
What I Wore:
Dress: Thrift Store
Duster: Eddie Bauer/Thrift
Fleece Tights: Target
Necklace: Garage Sale
Earrings: Garage Sale
Boots: Thrift Store

Jackie Style: Love Birds

I am a stubborn individual. When I am set on something, that’s just the way it is. I feel it is important to state this to preface my next statement: I wore non-sweater tights on Valentine’s Day when it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hear me out: The tights have little hearts on them! How was I not going to wear them on Valentine’s Day? That’s what I told myself while standing outside of my car in the cold for five minutes.

IMG_9656That’s as long as I lasted outside. Hence, all photos this week were inside 🙂

But hey, I changed my decision to wear flats and wore boots with a pair of socks underneath instead! Because I’m not entirely crazy…also, these heart tights were on clearance. Before Valentine’s Day. WHAT.

IMG_9631So obviously this past Saturday was Valentine’s Day, and I hope your day was filled with love even if you don’t like the holiday! There is a Stuff Mom Never Told You video that highlights 9 Types of Women on Valentine’s Day. Before I met my husband, I was a classic Anti-Valentine’s Day Crusader/Galentine’s Day Observer. I didn’t get the point.

But he loves Valentine’s Day. He believes in showing love every day, but he sees no reason to not do so on Valentine’s Day either. So for him, I sort of converted. Now I am a Romantic Underachiever/Galentine’s Day Observer. I don’t make a big deal out of it, but he gets a card and we spend the day together 🙂

This year we spent a romantic day car shopping, lol, but then we bought supplies to make sushi at home and went record shopping. The sushi did not turn out as well as it did last time we made it, so we ate ice cream for dinner instead. Whoops lol.

10930902_10203660920744863_2031426922144345372_n10500285_10203661939530332_5140976379706335088_nThe dress I wore for the day was a perfect-for-Valentine’s frock from Lularoe. Red with lace and thick enough to be appropriate for winter!

IMG_9664IMG_9660The bird belt seemed like an obvious choice – they look like they are kissing! Little lovebirds 🙂

IMG_9658And just in case you forgot about our Instagram giveaway, I wore my own pair of arrow earrings because Cupid I guess?

IMG_9659What I Wore:
Dress: Lularoe
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Belt: Charlotte Russe (old)
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: DSW

I would love to hear what your plans were for Valentine’s Day! Even if it was a date between you and Netflix, because that sounds beautiful. This past weekend I also celebrated the loveliest of all holidays, Galentine’s Day! But more on that next week 😉


Marilyn Style: Start Wearing Purple

In the last couple years I have been collecting purple items of clothing because my closet has been seriously lacking and I’m seriously in love. I think it all started with this plea from Gogol Bordello  but it has fledge into a color I find to be super fun to play with, plays nice with my hair and skin, and matches my purple eyeliner I often flock to.  No matter the hue, if it’s purple, I’m happy.

5IMG_6647I got this beautiful and warm sweater dress as a Christmas gift from Brianna last year. You will learn that we basically only get each other things from ModCloth and that this is a very good thing. Although it’s a very simple item, I love its shape, its feel and it seems to somehow “slenderize” my frame a bit more than most sweater dresses I own.

5IMG_6627 5IMG_6632Of course, I have to have purple glasses! I already have purple/pinkish Cat Eyes, but as my prescription got worse, I decided to get some new spectacles that weren’t so “out there” for days I want people to see my eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll cat eye every day for the rest of my life if I have to, but on days that I don’t feel like playing up my glasses these are the perfect mix of fun and serious for me.

5IMG_6638My other purple item is this slouchy hat. A nice lavender can really put a grin on my face and I think it overall helps lighten up this dark, wintery outfit. It’s also really great for when you don’t want to do your hair!

5IMG_6654I decided to let the purple shine and keep the accessorize to a minimum with just some necessary gray gloves, black tights and awesome 90’s black boots I got at a thrift store in Fargo.

5IMG_6649Cold shoots and having this Gogol Bordello playing in your head equals one things: Dance Party!

What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Gloves: Vendor
Tights: Target
Hat: Vanity