Jackie and Marilyn | The Great Minnesota Sweat-Together

Piggy-backing off of Brianna’s awesome fair blog, I figured I better chime in too! I’m so happy that we got to spend some time roaming around the fair together and seeing The Avett Brothers with our husbands. It’s been a crazy summer and I definitely didn’t get as many friendship-fests in as I wanted to!
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.59.26 PMI knew it was supposed to be hot and humid, and the weather man wasn’t wrong! I far prefer the heat to the cold, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to try to combat it any way I can! I wore light, airy clothes and kept my hair wet the whole day. Even 12 hours after showering and styling it wet, it still hadn’t completely dried! Gross.
Fair3 Fair6 Fair7I wore this awesome crop top my Mom actually had when she was around my age. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, vintage that stays in the family makes my heart sing!
Fair4I got this awesome vintage skirt at a garage sale this summer and still hadn’t had a chance to wear it. I’m glad I found my chance! It’s nice and airy and hits at the perfect waist-line for a crop top.
Fair5Yes, I’m still trying to officially break my ModCloth sandals from my wedding. A 15,000 step day at the fair may have done it! I also wore the cute flower earrings from my wedding because I hate to just let them sit in a box when they’re this cute!
Fair2Despite losing 5 lbs water weight and gaining back 5lbs in french fry weight, it was a very fun, sweaty time!
11996899_10101541865790951_9031613367875632641_n 11949314_10101541865905721_6128138866412519319_n
What I Wore:
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Garage Sale
Earrings: Gift
Sandals: ModCloth
Friendship: Priceless
– Melissa

Marilyn Style: Mary Christmas

Yes, I realize it is no longer Christmas, and even though all my decorations are still up I do not mourn its passing. A day further away from the holidays means a day closer to spring, right? Hopefully sooner than I think.
That being said, I did want to share one of my holiday outfits with the blogosphere (are people still saying that?) and since we were merrily celebrating offline over Christmas, I figured I would do it now!
xIMG_6109My friend Mary was in town for Christmas and we all wanted to see her before she went to Canada (yes Canada) for her festivities. Since this was pre-Christmas day, I figured it was one of my last chances to go full on obnoxious in the holiday outfit department. Most of these things I can get away with wearing throughout the winter, but together they definitely have a deadline.
xIMG_6110Both the skirt and the sweater are vintage pieces I got in my college years and some of my most beloved. The skirt I got at an occasional sale by my home town, and the previous owner got to tell me about how well loved it was when she was my age. It’s always great when you get to meet the owner of some of your favorite older pieces! Though the mystery of who walked in your shoes or danced in your skirt before you is often romantic and fun, it really makes you appreciate vintage pieces when you meet the owner and hear the stories yourself!
xIMG_6119The sweater I got from Savers, and it is one of my favorite “winter white” things to wear. It is insanely warm and still nice and thin if you want to tuck it into a skirt. I have spilled coffee on it many a time (including right after these pictures) and I have been lucky enough to salvage it every time.
xIMG_6113Let’s talk accessories! The belt is a thrifted item, which I realize now I have many a thrifted belt. They are always 50 cents at Goodwill, so I tend to go overboard. The boots are a Christmas gift from last year from ModCloth and the earrings are a Christmas gift from the year before from ModCloth (from Brianna)!
xIMG_6118xIMG_6121It was quite the festive evening, with a lot of my college friends stuffed in a booth at my favorite pizza spot. I doubt anyone could see my outfit, but maybe that’s a good thing 🙂
10862506_10203252090924373_4012533310641139859_oWhat I Wore:
Skirt: Vintage
Sweater: Vintage
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: ModCloth
Earrings: ModCloth

Guest Post: Edie Sedgwick Style

This week we are excited to highlight a post by guest blogger Chelsey Green of The Cupcake Wizard. We love her honest posts and are obsessed with her Jennifer Lawrence-inspired pixie cut. We look forward to featuring her on the blog in the future! Melissa has dubbed her the “Edie Sedgwick” of our blog 🙂

Earlier this week, I did something I haven’t really done before, but have been meaning to for a while: thrift shopping. Thanks to the ridiculous amount of clothing refashion tutorials on Pinterest, I’ve been wanting to peruse thrift shops for cool and unique pieces I could upcycle, which I can now do since I bought a sewing machine last month. I’ve also been wanting to find some fun vintage pieces to spice up my wardrobe.

image (1)

I found this fabulous skirt at Savers on their little vintage rack. It’s a tartan high-waisted A-line skirt made in Great Britain. I tried to figure out when it was made but had no such luck. According to one of the ladies I work with, that particular tartan is of the royal House of Stewart of Scotland. Upon further research, I discovered that besides it being worn by clansmen, it was worn by the pipers of the Black Watch of Canada, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, and the Scots Guards (among other groups) as well as being the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. The More You Know! They’re some pretty cool facts that make this skirt feel more special to me and I am very glad I found it. My coworker was surprised to hear I found it at a thrift store for $15.


The skirt has a few small stains and tiny holes here and there, but it fits me perfectly. I love high-waisted A-line skirts, though this one is a tad longer than I usually like. The fabric is pretty thick, which is nice because it keeps my legs warm. It’s also quite fun to twirl in! I styled it with a plain black v-neck tee from Forever 21 and some neutral accessories to let the pattern stand out. The necklace and bracelet are also from Forever 21 (you don’t want to know how often I shop there). The belt came from a skirt I got from ModCloth. They give the outfit a little more of a modern feel.

The shoes are a very recent purchase from Target. They’ve really been killing it with their shoes lately. I prefer flat shoes; heels make my feet cry and I’m tall enough as it is, so I’ve been on the look out for some cute flat shoes I can wear to work. This is fourth shoe purchase I’ve made at Target in the last few weeks. Not ashamed. 🙂 These ballet flats are so adorable and comfortable, aside from the blister on my heel. The curse of brand new shoes… But they have bows on them, so all is forgiven!


What I Wore:
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

What are some of your favorite thrifted finds? Tell us about them in the comments!