Jackie and Marilyn | To The Moon, Honey!

To follow up the wedding blog, why not show you a bit of the honeymoon? My husband and I decided to do a short honeymoon now and an actual honeymoon when it’s cold and we need to escape Minnesota. We didn’t have much for vacation, so we spent two days a couple hours north of us in Duluth. What better place to show off some nautical style than on the shores of Lake Superior?
Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.59.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.59.24 PM Duluth6Being on the north shore, it’s usually pretty cool, but we got lucky with a couple mid-70 days that turned into 60-degree evenings. I packed sundresses knowing very well that I would probably be a little cold, but I’m just not ready to give up my sundresses just yet. I pulled out this cute sailor dress from ModCloth, one of the first dresses I got from them years ago. It’s a little discolored and worn, but it’s still one of my favorites!
Duluth1 Duluth2
To keep the Lake Superior winds at bay, I had my handy jean jacket from Goodwill. Originally it was Sarah Jessica Parker’s line that I didn’t know she had. Way to make a great structured jean jacket, SJP!
Duluth3 These ModCloth sandals that I wore at my wedding are still going strong. They were $8 and the reviews said they would wear out quick. They are starting to wear, which makes me really sad because they are just the most comfy. If they weren’t sold out, I’d get 5 back up pairs. Restock, please, ModCloth!
Duluth4My husband and I have freakishly large heads, so hats for us are Β never really an option. SOMEHOW this hat from Target fits my head. It was great to keep my hair from blowing all around and it is one of the few outfits I’ve worn where I feel like I’m “pulling it off” hat-wise. Huzzah!
Last but not least, I got these cute sailboat earrings for $1 at the antique store and they make me very happy. Of course I have to wear them in Duluth. Ahoy!
What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Jacket: Goodwill
Hat: Target
Earrings: Antique Store
Shoes: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Target
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Crowned

I hereby crown me, Melissa, Queen of the overdressed! I wore this outfit to a My Morning Jacket concert that we ended up scoring tickets to last minute. I put on the outfit, decided it was too fancy and then proceeded to try on a billion other outfits. I finally broke the news to my fiance: “I’m sorry, but I have no normal clothes.”

Now yes, I could’ve worn jeans (barf) and a t-shirt – I promise I do OWN these things. But my desire to wear them for any occasion is very low. I was definitely the most overdressed in the crowd, but I felt comfortable and like myself – and that’s what I decided mattered!
FlowerCrown1Hanging out in a small town after moving out of the city AND working from home a lot of the time, leaves me little occasion to get dressed up for. When you have a brand new flower crown to try out, do you just let it sit in your closet? I think not!
FlowerCrown3FlowerCrown5I got this dress as a Stylish Surprise from ModCloth earlier in the spring. The anticipation of having something random sent to you sends me into a gleeful tailspin. You should’ve seen the urgency in which I texted back and forth with Brianna after they announced that it was “Stylish Surprise” season again and I couldn’t get the site to load! Thankfully, I finally got in and handed over all my money, later receiving this romantic maxi! I almost made it my wedding dress it’s so beautiful, but I have something a little more flavorful in mind.
FlowerCrown2FlowerCrown6I wanted to make this outfit a little less fancy so I decided to add a purple cardigan, even though it was warm enough to go with out. I definitely appreciated it when I walked 20 blocks back to my car in the pouring rain after the show! Looks like my bright white maxi needs to get dry cleaned now!
FlowerCrown7What I Wore:
Flower Crown: Amazon
Dress: ModCloth
Earrings: Target
Sunglasses: Target
Cardigan: Thrifted
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Love Is In The Air

You can tell it’s summer because of all the graduation parties and weddings I have been attending lately. What, an excuse to get dressed up instead of bundled up? Don’t mind if I do!
JuneWedding1I wore this outfit to a wedding my fiance was in this past weekend. It was at an excellent venue up in northern Minnesota, which made me (for a second) wish I wasn’t having my wedding in our yard. I am famously known for being a homebody hobbit though, so I think it was the right choice for me. I can get married and not leave my house? Score.
JuneWedding6My outfit is made up of some old favorites and a lot of new Birthday spoils. The dress I got after an enticing email from Forever 21 promising 50% off for my birthday. Though I thought I should maybe opt for something more “summery” I was happy to have a semi-formal event to wear this dress to. I think I’ll cut my own slit in it before I wear it again, because a girl has got to have room to dance.
JuneWedding5The necklace is also from Forever 21, and I kick myself every day for not buying a couple extra. It was sold a couple years ago and was only $2.80! It’s become one of my favorite summer necklaces so I fear every day that I will lose it.
JuneWedding3The arrow earrings are from a Birthday ModCloth gift card from my other half and the sunglasses are ModCloth from Brianna. The belt is a birthday thrifted gift from my mom. Happy Birthday to me!
JuneWedding4 JuneWedding2I can’t wait to go to more summer weddings and have more great reasons to dress up!
What I Wore:
Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: ModCloth
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Shoes: Zulily
Belt: Thrifted
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Good Goodwill Grab

Happy Summer, friends! I am currently writing this in my office, which is also a loft, which is also blasted hot! I don’t like sleeping in sweat but other than that, I don’t mind the heat (Sorry, Brianna). FULL ON SUNDRESS WEATHER COMMENCES!
I wore this dress this last weekend for a “date night” that turned into an “OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO” night. We ran around town running errands and doing wedding stuff but we also got some thrifting and vintage shopping in. I scored a mint condition, fits like a glove Gunne Sax dress for cheap, but that’s for another day.
Every store I walked into someone complimented me on this dress, and since they were stores that sold vintage, I also felt like they wanted to take it from me, haha. It’s something I found at Goodwill over Halloween and had yet to really wear until now. It really grinds my gears that Goodwill “hold” a lot of stuff for Halloween now that I would buy, at a cheaper price, any other time of the year. Guys, this is not a costume! It deserves to be seen! That being said, it’s a good way for me to go home with a lot of vintage dresses at once. Smooth move, Goodwill.
I had this dress for sale on Etsy thinking it was too baggy, but now I’m rethinking my ways. Thank you, universe, for not purchasing it. You have pushed it into my arms.
Being it the season of sweat, I decided to wear little else! Just some sunglasses and some trusty Target sandals. When you have a dress of this caliber, there really is no need to accessorize.
Stay Groovy πŸ™‚
What I Wore:
Dress: Goodwill
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Target
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | This is 25

Today is my birthday!!! I am now 25 years old. Goodbye, early 20s expectations of doing things and being social. Hello, late 20s and Netflix dates that end at 10 p.m.

I am celebrating by going to work for the first time on my birthday…ever. Luckily I have a job that I enjoy and doesn’t make me crazy. And tonight there is the promise of sushi!

This week’s outfit actually come from the day I celebrated Mother’s Day with the woman who spent this day 25 years ago making sure I ended up in this world! Late that evening my husband and I were walking to a local restaurant for a late dinner and I realized that every day before today was projected to be rainy and gross…so I improvised with some iPhone photos!

IMG_3716 IMG_3719Now don’t get me wrong, I love my DSLR and nothing compares to the photos I get from that camera. But what I love about the iPhone’s camera is that you can still take nice photos in a pinch!

IMG_3728When I was little, I read the Royal Diaries series and distinctly remember Princess Elizabeth saying something in hers about how Henry VIII had told Princess Mary she looked even more beautiful, which “was of course a lie because everyone knows women lose their looks after 25.” I remember thinking “Oh dear, I hope it takes me forever to get to 25!

Now that I’m here…I have to say, with the heaviest of hearts, that Elizabeth I was full of it.

IMG_3724Aging doesn’t make you less beautiful – it adds wisdom to your beauty. And frankly, it is a privilege to age at all. That’s why my birthday is always a big celebration to me, even if I “get older” – it’s one more year I’ve been granted access to this lovely earth and all of the memories I am able to collect while I am here.

IMG_3732 IMG_3734 IMG_3735For this outfit I took my favorite color to wear – mustard yellow – and let it shine, adding subtle details like my owl flats and arrow earrings (which YOU can win a pair of your own if you enter our giveaway by May 31!)
IMG_3745 IMG_3737What I Wore:
Blouse: Thrifted
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Skirt: ModCloth
Flats: ModCloth

Now I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention the woman who gave me this awesome day to celebrate and who I spent most of my Saturday celebrating: my mom. She’s a pretty neat lady who wears that wisdom-infused beauty so well. We spent the day shopping around Mall of America, gabbing, acting as bad influences for purchases and eating lunch at Benihana. I love the life I live, and she gave it to me. Thank you, Mom! I love you!
IMG_3676 IMG_3671

– Brianna

Jackie and Marilyn | Spring It On

Florals! Pastels! Oh my! Whether the weather agrees or not, ’tis the season to wear it all! What better time to blind everyone with your brightness (and lack of tan whiteness) than Easter?
A5IMG_7183I love this outfit because it’s loud and it’s mostly thrifted! The dress, jacket and cardigan all came from separate Goodwill trips! I have the jacket for sale in my shop…but I’m seriously considering taking it down considering how much I have been wearing it lately.
A5IMG_7195 A5IMG_7200You’ve seen these sandals appear before and you will see them again. I’m so excited to have it be sandal weather again! And I am, once again, breaking my own rules on light colored tights. When it’s right, it’s right.
A5IMG_7198Why not go over the top with a floral pastel and earrings? Don’t mind if I do.
A5IMG_7206And if you were wondering, this is what most of my blog pictures look like…I have yet to get injured severely.

What I Wore:
Dress: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Jacket: The Curious Closet Shop
Tights: Thrifted
Necklace: ModCloth
Earrings: Target
Sandals: Zulilly

– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Lula-Jam

Sometimes your friends are terrible influences on you morally. Luckily my friends are only terrible (read: great) influences on my pocket book! Both my friend Sarah and my blog other half, Brianna, got me into some serious trouble with both Jamberry and Lularoe, respectively. Sarah is a Jamberry consultant and Brianna hosted an online Lularoe party.
jam6If you’ve read this blog before, you are no stranger to either! But if you need a refresher: Jamberry are these great little nail stickers that (so far so good) stay on forever and Lularoe is a comfy, American-made clothing company. No one is paying me to say any of these things; both are pretty great. Since I got my orders for both on the same day, I figured why not wear all my spoils at once?
Jam1jam7Since my closet is literally overflowing with dresses, I decided to get a tunic that I could wear with leggings from Lularoe. I think animal print gets a bad rap sometimes for being too gawdy, but it can be done right! Basically don’t wear it with feathered bangs and you’re good πŸ™‚ I may have gone a little overboard wearing this to work, especially with pleathered leggings…but it was Friday so I don’t know what else they expected me to do.
jam8I was lucky enough to have exact matching earrings from my friend, Tasha.
jam5I admit I did these Jams in bed 10 minutes before lights out, so I could’ve and should’ve spent a lot more time on them but I’m not one for patience. Nonetheless, the little effort I did put in kept them looking pretty good. A couple bubbles that next time I will smooth out instead of shrugging and snoring.
jam4Another thing that came in the mail – a ring I ordered on a whim from Zulily. This entire outfit is online-deal shopping based, except for my shoes and earrings!
What I Wore:
Tunic: Lularoe
Leggings: Groupon
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Thrifted
– Melissa