Jackie and Marilyn | Midriff Moratorium

This won’t be my last crop top ever (most likely), but it is pretty likely that it was the last summer-like day for quite some time (it was 70 degrees in November in Minnesota!), so I figured it would my last chance to pull off a summery outfit before I’m covered in layers!
bonessss2I got this tiki/bones shirt at a local thrift/second hand store in Minneapolis called Buffalo Exchange. I can get into a lot of trouble there, especially because they have a vintage section. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, so I figured we were close enough still to Halloween and warm enough still, that I would give it a go!
bonessss1 bonessss5Although it was beautiful out, it is not quite shorts weather anymore, so I opted to wear my favorite pair of jeans, EVER, from ModCloth. I have three different colors because they are that good. I never thought I would invest money in to any leg prisons anytime soon, but these babies are worth it!
bonessss6Since I won’t have a simple outfit in quite some time (hello leggings and layers and jackets, oh my!) I left my outfit as simple as I could. Just throw in some flip flops (I’m miss you the most, flip flops!) and sunglasses and I was good to go.
bonessss4Brianna actually got to come see my new house and help me take these blog pictures before the inevitable early darkness that entered our life with daylight savings time. My dog Brim obviously wasn’t going to let me steal his spotlight!
What I Wore:
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Ragstock
Shoes: Target
– Melissa