Jackie and Marilyn | Midriff Moratorium

This won’t be my last crop top ever (most likely), but it is pretty likely that it was the last summer-like day for quite some time (it was 70 degrees in November in Minnesota!), so I figured it would my last chance to pull off a summery outfit before I’m covered in layers!
bonessss2I got this tiki/bones shirt at a local thrift/second hand store in Minneapolis called Buffalo Exchange. I can get into a lot of trouble there, especially because they have a vintage section. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, so I figured we were close enough still to Halloween and warm enough still, that I would give it a go!
bonessss1 bonessss5Although it was beautiful out, it is not quite shorts weather anymore, so I opted to wear my favorite pair of jeans, EVER, from ModCloth. I have three different colors because they are that good. I never thought I would invest money in to any leg prisons anytime soon, but these babies are worth it!
bonessss6Since I won’t have a simple outfit in quite some time (hello leggings and layers and jackets, oh my!) I left my outfit as simple as I could. Just throw in some flip flops (I’m miss you the most, flip flops!) and sunglasses and I was good to go.
bonessss4Brianna actually got to come see my new house and help me take these blog pictures before the inevitable early darkness that entered our life with daylight savings time. My dog Brim obviously wasn’t going to let me steal his spotlight!
What I Wore:
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Ragstock
Shoes: Target
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Pretty Nice Little Saturday

My husband and I had a rare weekend where we had…drum roll please…no plans. WHAT.

We relaxed at home for the most part, with the exception of a trip to Home Depot where we spent an hour trying to fit a new bathroom vanity into a Honda Civic.

When not MacGyvering furniture into an automobile, my husband and I enjoyed drinking tea, listening to records and watching all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which you NEED to watch!).

IMG_0225I went with a pretty simple outfit this weekend to match my complete lack of plans. Something about chambray and denim feels so stylish and classic at the same time.

IMG_0316IMG_0377Yes, I put shoes on inside, but just for photos! I had to make sure I showed the whole outfit. Oxfords and chambray are a perfect combo.
IMG_0443I finished it off with a week-old Jambicure and some fantastic earrings from A Delightful Shop!

IMG_0229 IMG_0400What I Wore:
Shirt: Old Navy
Earrings: A Delightful ShopJeans: ModCloth
Socks: Target
Oxfords: TJ Maxx

The best part of a free weekend is plenty of time to play with Luna. She makes everything better 🙂

IMG_0257– Brianna

Jackie Style: My Husband’s Closet

Greetings from Orlando! I am on a work trip for the week, not missing the snow too much. Florida weather isn’t my favorite, but I have to say this is a nice change of pace.

This week’s outfit inspiration came from my best friend! She stole one of her fiance’s flannel shirts and threw a cute belt over it, and I loved it! I had to try it for myself with something from my husband’s closet.
IMG_6468IMG_6470(Side note: Does anyone else think My Husband’s Closet sounds like an awesome store to buy thrifted men’s clothing or menswear-inspired women’s clothing, where the sales associates help you style the clothing with accessories to make chic outfits? This is a business venture I need to explore. I feel a lot like Tom Haverford right now).

Fun fact: Did you know men’s shirts are awesome? They’re soft, forgiving and the patterns rock. Plus, I kind of feel like a lumberjack.
IMG_6466My husband thought the shirt looked cute but he joked a bit about how it was his shirt, not mine. But hey, I washed it and put it right back! Maybe I will have to peer clearance racks and thrift stores for my own men’s shirts.

My hips were a little big for this shirt because my husband is a pole, which is why the last button isn’t fastened. But I don’t think it’s necessary. If you’re going to try men’s shirts, just remember it wasn’t technically built for a woman’s body. So you might have to go a size up because the shirt isn’t made for your girls…But it’s totally worth it. Who cares what number or letter is on the tag as long as you like how it looks on you?
IMG_6477I decided to pair the flannel with some brown accessories and boots. I also wore some amazing high waisted jeans because they are always awesome. Always. Just ask Melissa.
IMG_6478IMG_6481IMG_6483The best part about the belt? My best friend has the same one and wore it with her flannel 🙂
IMG_6484I took these photos last week during our winter storm. I came home after driving in snow when the sun had set, so I had to take photos inside. Probably going to happen a lot this winter. I bought a lighting kit with the funds from selling my old point-and-shoot, which should help! I’m lucky that I have inspiration from fellow blogger Alligator Toe about making it work under pressure 🙂

What I Wore:
Shirt: My Husband’s Closet
Scarf: ModCloth
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Bracelet: Handmade
Jeans: ModCloth
Boots: ModCloth



Marilyn Style: Jeanius

If you have been following for a while, you know that pants are my worst enemy. If I had it my way, pants would be outlawed and it would always be warm enough for a sundress. They would also have a Great Dane gummy bear delivery service but I’m still ironing out the details on that part.
cIMG_5516You may have seen Brianna’s post about the Karaoke Songstress jeans from ModCloth and I’m here to tell you SHE WAS NOT LYING. I ordered these jeans based on rave reviews from friends and customers alike and it seems there is little bad to say about these babies. Having larger hips for my body, the takeover of low rise jeans basically put the nail in the coffin for me when it comes to pants. You either buy them to fit your hips and have them big everywhere else, or you buy them to fit to the rest of your body and have your circulation cut off forevermore.
cIMG_5487As many reviewers will tell you, these jeans are perfect for any body type. They are uber stretchy without ending up slouchy and high-waisted with out being “mom jeans.” I have donated most of my other pants in a giant “who are you kidding?” purge, and now have two high-waisted, comfy pairs. When the trend doesn’t conform to you or your body, you don’t need to conform to it! Death to low rise, I will not miss knowing the color of your underwear 🙂
cIMG_5502To get completely out of character, I wore flat tennis shoes with this outfit (and I wasn’t at the gym). I bought these years ago and had yet to really wear them. I’m glad they finally have something they don’t look completely ridiculous with. I also wore a vintage flannel and my favorite fall blazer. I felt like Ellen DeGeneres most of the day and that, my friends, is a pretty good thing! (dances off the blog) Be good to one another, everyone!
cIMG_5490 cIMG_5481
What I Wore:
Jeans: ModCloth
Flannel: Vintage (my mom’s closet)
Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

Jackie Style: Delightful Denim

Before the veil of humidity cast itself over Minnesota, we had some cooler days. Unseasonably low temperatures in July meant I wore pants! But you won’t catch me complaining. Wind and low 70s? Bring. It. On.

I got to show off my new pair of high-waisted jeans, the same brand and fit as a pair of shorts I own but longer. I love how stretchy they feel!

IMG_5226Jeans do not always agree with my butt/hips, and they are always – always – too low-rise for my taste. Little known fact: my field of study was not in plumbing. High-waisted jeans help me feel comfortable on a day-to-day basis and add an extra bit of flair to a normal outfit. With this pair, I like how the jeans look with a blouse tucked in or left out. I definitely recommend them if you have the same jeans phobia!

And of course, the classic Peter Pan collar makes any outfit delightful 🙂


This pair of jeans is a bit long on me, which allows for some fun hem folding, which also allows for showing off my pair of duck oxfords. These make me so giddy. Whenever I look down at my feet while wearing them, I get happy. How could you not? I have no ducking clue.

Yep. Went there.

Now that the temperatures are rising, selecting outfits becomes more of a science. What can I wear that will keep me cool, but not too cool in the AC-pumping office, but not leave me drenched with sweat once I get to my car and go home?

Stay tuned to see if I ever find out the answer, or to see if I have found a way to successfully avoid the outdoors until it cools off again. Only 62 days until autumn! 😉

What I Wore:
Blouse: ModCloth
Earrings: Freckles & Company (similar)
Jeans: ModCloth
Shoes: Restricted

What are your denim pet peeves? How do you solve them?