Jackie and Marilyn | Gunne Sax

If you’re my husband and hear “I found a Gunne Sax at the thrift store today!”…well you’d unfortunately know what it means because I talk about this brand too much. I have been obsessed with Gunne Sax dresses ever since I got this dress at a local thrift store when I was in high school.
GunneSax3GunneSax4These are dresses made in the 1970s and 80s that just scream boho chic, and they have developed quite a vintage collectors following as well.  If you check out Etsy, you’ll see that these babies are popular and do not come cheap. Also, stop looking at Etsy because you’ll want to buy them all.
GunneSax6 GunneSax7My dear sweet Goodwill gave me this almost PERFECT condition, fits me like a glove, totally twirlable Gunne Sax dress for $4. Thanks, Goodwill! I don’t blame them, it isn’t lined so when I picked it up it looks like a very cute but very homemade dress. It was already in my basket when I spied the Gunne Sax label on the inside. There is a bit of loose stitching on one of the straps, but other than that it’s perfect!
GunneSax8My favorite feature has to be the awesome lace up sides! They are real, so you can adjust them to let yourself breathe a little! Of course, I had to wear this the first day I had the chance, so I wore it to a local festival/friend’s birthday party without stitching the strap back up and it got looser. Silly me! It will spend some time in my mend pile but it was worth it.
GunneSax1I kept my red white and blue theme going with these cute envelope earrings from ModCloth and my trusty, nearly broken ModCloth sandals. Add some 70s sunglasses, and you’ve got a blast from the past!
GunneSax5 GunneSax2
What I Wore:
Dress: Goodwill
Earrings: ModCloth
Sandals: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Target
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Red, White, and MTVu

Ah, I remember when I was a teenager. Way back then I didn’t have cable, and I used to spend our family vacations indoors watching hotel cable and catching MTV’s spring break antics. I also would stay up all night in hopes to catch some of the more “alternative” (to MTV at least) music videos of Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack and Dashboard Confessional. Now I still don’t have cable BY CHOICE but I couldn’t resist going to see Dashboard when they were in town a couple weekends ago.
Dashboard5Dashboard6I got this matching crop and skirt set from Francesca’s last summer and haven’t had a chance to wear it together yet. The crop top is great with shorts, but I am really taking a liking to matching sets lately! I especially like when they are sold separately for a woman like me who isn’t one size all over (Small top, large bottom almost always).
Dashboard4I will wear the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of these sunglasses I got from Brianna from my birthday. I’m sure I’ll eventually lose them as I always do, but until then, expect them to appear in every post!
Dashboard3Dashboard7My earrings I got from an antique store in town. They were missing backs so they were only a dollar. Since I lose backs all the time, I have a whole canister of back ups. Mother of Pearl Sailboats? Sign me up!
Dashboard2Within a couple hours, this look was messed up by excessive humidity and thunderstorms, but it was still a good show!
What I Wore:
Top and Skirt: Francesca’s
Earrings: Antique Store
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Hair Bow: H&M
Shoes: Target
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Crowned

I hereby crown me, Melissa, Queen of the overdressed! I wore this outfit to a My Morning Jacket concert that we ended up scoring tickets to last minute. I put on the outfit, decided it was too fancy and then proceeded to try on a billion other outfits. I finally broke the news to my fiance: “I’m sorry, but I have no normal clothes.”

Now yes, I could’ve worn jeans (barf) and a t-shirt – I promise I do OWN these things. But my desire to wear them for any occasion is very low. I was definitely the most overdressed in the crowd, but I felt comfortable and like myself – and that’s what I decided mattered!
FlowerCrown1Hanging out in a small town after moving out of the city AND working from home a lot of the time, leaves me little occasion to get dressed up for. When you have a brand new flower crown to try out, do you just let it sit in your closet? I think not!
FlowerCrown3FlowerCrown5I got this dress as a Stylish Surprise from ModCloth earlier in the spring. The anticipation of having something random sent to you sends me into a gleeful tailspin. You should’ve seen the urgency in which I texted back and forth with Brianna after they announced that it was “Stylish Surprise” season again and I couldn’t get the site to load! Thankfully, I finally got in and handed over all my money, later receiving this romantic maxi! I almost made it my wedding dress it’s so beautiful, but I have something a little more flavorful in mind.
FlowerCrown2FlowerCrown6I wanted to make this outfit a little less fancy so I decided to add a purple cardigan, even though it was warm enough to go with out. I definitely appreciated it when I walked 20 blocks back to my car in the pouring rain after the show! Looks like my bright white maxi needs to get dry cleaned now!
FlowerCrown7What I Wore:
Flower Crown: Amazon
Dress: ModCloth
Earrings: Target
Sunglasses: Target
Cardigan: Thrifted
– Melissa

Marilyn Style: Basilica Bloggers

A couple weekends ago, I went to the annual Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis. Music, food, great views of the downtown skyline: what more could you want? A festival fashion contest? Well it had that too!
I had every intention of dressing in something a little more radical than usual, as an event like this is a pretty good excuse to brush off that extra special dress, but this contest motivated me even more! The contest was put on by Sarah Edwards, a stylish woman about town in Minneapolis as well as Mall of America. The prize? A $150 gift card to  MOA. Yeah, because I need more clothes.

Deciding to go hippie-chic, I wore this blue floral dress, my lace boots, pink flower belt, pink feather earrings, and flowers in my hair. Festival style to me means license to go overboard on accessories 🙂
Welp, I won! You can read the interview on Sarah Edward’s blog to get more detail on the outfit and my thought process behind it!
Now…who wants to go to the mall?
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: ModCloth
Earrings: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Hair Flowers: H&M