Jackie and Marilyn | What Season Is It Anyway?

I recently moved (read: am still moving) and have been trying to keep some seasonal clothes set aside in a suitcase so that I can easily access them while everything is still packed. The problem? I don’t know what season it is! We have been having unseasonable highs in the 60s, we had some snow and freezing temps yesterday and this Halloween is promising to be a mild again. The rollercoaster of Midwest weather! So I decided to be prepared for a little bit of everything!
sweaterweather1This maxi skirt is something I would normally wear in the spring and summer as it is light and floral, but it is the perfect amount of warmth for a 60-degree day! I slapped some tights on under it for when it was almost 20 degrees cooler in the morning, but by the time I got home from work they were ready to be set free!
sweaterweather2I’m a big fan of the button up sweater from ModCloth because it’s not that warm. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good warm sweater, but the knit in this one leaves a lot of ventilation and is perfect for those in between days. I only had a tank top on underneath it, so I was happy and comfortable in leaving it on all day.
sweaterweather3I wanted to wear my pretty lacy boots one last time, as I’m sure I will be trading them for a more rugged pair soon! It is nice to have a boot that your feet aren’t overwhelmingly hot in for times like these, though!
sweaterweather5I played up the whimsy of this outfit with a butterfly belt I got at a local garage/vintage sale. I’d say, with out the faux fur on my sweater you would think this was a spring outfit! Maybe we could just skip winter and go straight to spring? I’ll start up a petition!
sweaterweather6 sweaterweather4
What I Wore:
Skirt: Forever 21
Sweater: ModCloth
Boots: ModCloth
Belt: Garage Sale
Earrings: Thrifted
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Courthouse Chic

Things are HEATING UP. I mean, it’s supposed to be summer (and the weather is stuck, for the most part, in spring), but also my life is going at the typical “Blink and you might miss it” summer pace. I have less than two months before I get married in my yard and the the to-do list is out the door!
1June2Thankfully we got one thing checked off the list last week: we applied for our marriage license! We both had to take time off of work since the courthouse for our county isn’t close to us and isn’t open on the weekends. It was nice to get up early, get dressed and NOT go to work.

1June1I could’ve gone to the courthouse in my PJ’s, but as it was a day I was hoping to remember, I wanted to wear something a little more fancy and a little more wedding-themed. I got this dress from an Instagram shop that always haunts me. The shop is so popular that you can’t really “claim” anything before someone else gets to it. I was 3rd back up for this dress, so I’m pretty lucky the first two fell through!

1June5The butterfly belt was a find from my thrift and garage sale shopping on my birthday. There was a “pop up” vintage shop on the side of the road (really) and I had to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING. Luckily this cute butterfly belt was only $1 so I had to have it. Throw in my favorite white sandals and some pastel sunglasses and you have an outfit to coax the sun out!
1June41June3The courthouse took a total of 15 minutes, so we spent the rest of the day going to birthday lunches with coworkers and registering for gifts. Now to fight the urge to elope….;)

What I Wore:
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Zulilly.com
Belt: Garage Sale
– Melissa

Jackie and Marilyn | Everything Nice

Last weekend we decided to drive into the city for brunch, because, well…it’s BRUNCH! Since we decided it very last minute and I was very hungry, I had to get ready quick!
M15IMG_6866This dress is something that is in my shop that I constantly go back and forth on. It’s so comfy and cute and very, very 90s. I wanted to wear it on this particular day because IT WAS SO WARM (in the 60s) and it left plenty of room for the food baby I was about to gain. Plus, how can you got wrong with a pattern that includes sun hats, bicycles and hearts? I made sure to add a butterfly to the whimsy mix with my belt.  I felt a lot like a combination between Phoebe from friends, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s mole women, and an older woman in the red hat society. A great combo, if you ask me.
M15IMG_6868M15IMG_6867I got these shoes from ModCloth and so far I love them. I have been buying and returning shoes looking for the perfect pair for my wedding and these just might be it. If not, I’m keeping them anyway. I love the wedge without the peep toe for spring – and I learned they are easy to walk in for a long period of time as I strolled my brunch off later that day.
M15IMG_6882Seeing as how it takes many hours to dry my hair, I opted to not dry it at all. I just twisted both sides back and haphazardly pinned all the leftover hair in a bun in the back. If you squint your eyes, it doesn’t look so bad!
M15IMG_6887M15IMG_6878I needed a feminine earrings to commemorate spring so enter these blue flowers. Can you believe they are from Walmart? I wasn’t going to tell you that but I feel like you can keep a secret 🙂
M15IMG_6884What I Wore:
Dress: The Curious Closet Shop
Shoes: ModCloth
Belt: Goodwill
Earrings: Walmart
Hair flowers: H&M/Gifted
– Melissa