About Melissa

My name is Melissa and I am the “Marilyn” side of the coin.  My fashion life revolves around finding space in my closet for more dresses, and more ways to wear them throughout the brutal Minnesota seasons. The restrictive quality of pants is my own personal hell. My fashion motto is a bratty “I do what I want,” but I promise I don’t throw tantrums all that often.

Brianna is a style icon of mine for many reasons. I love a girl who loves a good dress, but this girl takes it to a different level with something I can never pull off: layering. The perfect collared shirt under a gorgeous dress with the just right cardigan and scarf…and the combinations are always something new! With our long Minnesota winters, Brianna always looks good while keeping warm. I usually just look miserable (but not miserable enough for pants).

On a personal note, I live in the South Metro of Minneapolis, MN where I edit videos on topics ranging from law to music to surgery. I’m utterly obsessed with dog memes (and dogs in general), especially the cartoon dogs in A Goofy Movie. When I’m not buying vintage ball gowns I’ll never need or learning 90’s rap songs, you can find me at home in my robe watching hours and hours of Golden Girls. Sorry for partying.


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