Mackie and Jarilyn | Brianna’s Fashion Remix

We believe you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe every season to create fun new looks! This week on Jackie and Marilyn, we are taking eight pieces – two tops, two bottoms, two dresses and two outerwear items – and mixing them into eight outfits. Shoes and accessories were limitless.

Brianna here, mixing up eight fall outfits! This was a challenge I have been looking forward to as I can be incredibly guilty of staring at a closet of clothing and lamenting “I have nothing to wear!” That’s just not true. To prove it, I made these eight outfits out of eight chosen items (Yes I own a lot of ModCloth ;)):

Outfit #1: All About AutumnIMG_3976 IMG_3980
When I paired the plaid dress with the burgundy cardigan, it looked so perfectly fall! I had to pair it with some burnt orange socks and tan oxfords for a classic fall look. I could see myself wearing this to pick pumpkins or some other fall activity.

Outfit #2: She Means Business

IMG_3983 IMG_3987Pairing a Peter Pan collar with a blazer is totally not something I would normally do, so I was nervous to try this one. However, I think it actually works! If I had to go back, I probably would have dressed it up a bit with a belt, but adding the heels and tights made for a nice business casual outfit. I would totally wear this to the office.

Outfit #3: Cutesy Collars

IMG_4018 IMG_4024I was also nervous about pairing the collar of this dress with my cardigan since the collar doesn’t lift up over the sweater, but it also worked more than I thought! I chose some patterned tights and bright shoes to balance all the neutral solids that were going on. I could see myself wearing this to the office, or for a nice tea date with girlfriends.

Outfit #4: Flowy IMG_4029 IMG_4033Pairing the blazer with this A-line dress is something I would NEVER do. I just wouldn’t think of them as working together. But again I surprised myself. The collars work well together and the combo makes a nice silhouette. I chose a belt, bright heels and a statement necklace to make it more interesting (admittedly, if I could go back, I would choose a different one that matches the angle of the dress’s neckline better, but I think this one still works). New office or night out outfit? Yes please!

Outfit #5: A Cheat

IMG_4039 IMG_4041I cheated a bit on this outfit because I definitely bought this skirt, top and cardigan with the intention to wear them together. But I can;t help it they pair so perfectly! With my B.A.I.T. oxford heels, it’s perfectly fall. I would wear this to the office or for a fall weekend outing.

Outfit #6: The Return of the Great Pup Detective

IMG_4046 IMG_4049I did some pattern mixing with the Boston Terrier and floral prints, and I think they look great together! I grabbed some red tights and black heels for this outfit, and when I had them all together, something about it all felt sort of 1920s to me. So I added a cloche hat to finish the look. I felt like I returned to my winter look as the Great Pup Detective! I don’t think I could wear this to the office with the hat but I would definitely wear it for some kind of weekend outing.

Outfit #7: Casual but Cute

IMG_4283 IMG_4284Pairing the pup blouse, cardigan and jeans was a classic Brianna-just-wants-to-be-casual look. This is definitely something I would normally wear to work, lunch with friends, grocery shopping, etc.

Outfit #8: I’m Going Out

IMG_4294 IMG_4296My last outfit was pairing another Peter Pan collar with a blazer, and I definitely dig this one. Paired with my jeans and some ankle booties, this is definitely a fun office look or great for grabbing drinks with friends. If I went back, I might add a fun scarf or pick taller boots, but I think it works.


Outfit that I loved most: A Cheat (big surprise)

IMG_4039Outfit that I loved least: Flowy (but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it!)

IMG_4029Outfit that surprised me: A tie between She Means Business and Flowy (I was convinced the blazer would look terrible with both)

IMG_3983 IMG_4033Ultimately this experiment was a two-fold lesson in learning to love the closet you have and trying something you wouldn’t normally wear, because you may surprise yourself! You don’t have to buy new clothes every year just to feel like your wardrobe is updated – all you need to do is look at your closet in a new light.

– Brianna


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