Jackie and Marilyn | I Wear My Grandma’s Clothes (I Look Incredible)

If you haven’t heard “Thrift Shop” then you probably think that the title of this blog is a little cocky, but then you are the person who hasn’t heard Thrift Shop, which is both bothersome, and a feat. So let’s call it a tie!
This past weekend I went to my Grandma’s house to go through some of her items. She passed away exactly a month before my wedding, and if you know me personally, you’ll know that this woman was and still is one of my most looked-up to humans I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It was hard going through her things, but I’m glad I got to actually take some time and truly grieve and celebrate her outside of this busy busy summer. From Thrift Shop to Grief, how do you like them apples?
GMA_Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.20.00 PMWe still aren’t sure where her wedding dress’s new home is yet, but I wanted to make sure to try it on while I was there. My grandparents got married in 1945 and, according to pictures, she was a very beautiful bride (obviously). I remember her telling me that, because of war rationing, their wedding cake was actually just hat boxes with frosting on them. You do what you can with what you have!
GMA_20150927_154901Her wedding dress seems like it was pretty true to its time. Modest and elegant. It reminds me a lot of the 1945 dress featured in this 100 Years of Wedding Dresses video.
Gma_20150927_155032My favorite part of her dress was her gorgeous veil/crown. I don’t think you can get more regal than this. I think that this look should replace flower crowns and STAT.
Gma20150927_154941 GMA_20150927_154941Had I been thinking clearly or had even known it existed still, I would have asked my grandma if I could wear her dress for my wedding. I love the history of things and I think we both would’ve gotten a kick out of it. I don’t know how I would’ve pulled off looking that traditional in a small yard ceremony, but that would’ve been for past Melissa to figure out.
Luckily, I did have a piece of her with me on my wedding day. My godmother attached this beautiful locket with a picture of her to my bouquet. I like this young picture of her, because although I take a lot after my mom’s side, I can see a bit of my features in here and feel a little closer to her in doing so.
Gma_11934973_10101550091376811_2043175497710609944_o Gma_11935676_10101550108058381_436476704066672077_o Gma_11947919_10101550092010541_3633025485108927433_oWhile cleaning out the house this weekend, I inherited some of my grandma’s house dresses and nighties, as well as a coat. I’m sure they’ll pop up on here sometime soon! Hold on to your favorite clothes, ladies! Someday you might have a very weird granddaughter who is interested in keeping your nightgowns.
– Melissa

3 thoughts on “Jackie and Marilyn | I Wear My Grandma’s Clothes (I Look Incredible)

  1. JoEl Hemmingsen Randall says:

    I loved this post. The pictures are amazing. I’m so glad you got to take some of her things. Your mother and I are cousins. I also have my mother’s wedding dress. What a blessing!!

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