Jackie and Marilyn | How to Rock a Randy

This week’s post is going to be a little different than normal. In a typical post I would show off an outfit from the past week, but this week I am showcasing one particular item: the Randy!

The Randy top from Lularoe is a baseball-style tee that fits about true to size or a bit larger than a normal top. I usually wear a medium and I ordered a small. The patterns, like most Lularoe items, are pretty cute and unique. However, I’ve never taken the leap to buy one because I was unsure how I could style it, other than classically with jeans.

Well, after seeing an amazing bunny print Randy in Amanda Lucero’s shop, I had to take the plunge!

IMG_3961I took this as a challenge to find more than one way to style the Randy.


The first choice was obviously the shirt with jeans. I paired them with a pair of boat shoes for a casual look.

IMG_3846The Randy is a little long and on someone who isn’t quite as curvaceous, you could totally wear it with leggings. Alas, I am curvy.

IMG_3855Skirt combo

I decided to try dressing up the Randy with a skirt, tights and heels. It’s a dressy/casual look that I think would work well in an office!

IMG_3929I don’t love the necklace I chose to pair with the top, but a statement necklace does look nice with this particular print. Some Randy tees are solid in the torso and have a print on the sleeves, and some are reverse. For the former style, a statement necklace adds a little something extra!

IMG_3936Layers, layers, layers

The last outfit I tried was wearing the Randy under a dress. For the style of the Randy that has a print on the sleeves, it is perfect for layering!

IMG_3906I tried a few dresses but this one was perfect. It allowed the sleeves to stand out and because it was a non-patterned dress, I could do some pattern mixing with other layers. I layered it with boots, socks and leggings (also Lularoe!).

IMG_3912And those are my ways to rock a Randy! I would definitely suggest you pick up one if you see one that you love. There are many ways to style it and it’s super comfortable!

– Brianna


3 thoughts on “Jackie and Marilyn | How to Rock a Randy

  1. Leslie D says:

    Not sure if you’ll see this since it’s an old post, but I was just wondering what sizes you’re wearing? You remind me of my body type and I’m looking to buy my first Lularoe and struggling to figure out my size with their charts lol. Also I love that randy so much. I didn’t even know Luluroe had bunny prints!

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