Jackie and Marilyn | Chambray on Chambray

I’ve seen men wearing all-denim suits from the 90s, and it’s not my favorite fashion trend of yore. However, as I was trying to find clothes to wear with my chambray skirt, I realized my chambray top would be a great fit!

The ultimate question I had was whether or not this outfit would look like a denim 90s suit. And the answer I landed on was no!

IMG_3513What ultimately makes the chambray-on-chambray work is that they aren’t the exact same pattern or the same colors. Same tone and theme, but not matchy-matchy. A win!

IMG_3509Keeping on denim theme, I chose the button beauties from A Delightful Shop to go with the outfit.

IMG_3521And for a hot second I thought about wearing some chambray-like flats I own, but that seemed a little too far – it was a neutral palette and begged for a little pop of bold color. Enter my mustard heels 🙂

IMG_3524What I Wore:
Shirt: Old Navy
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be sitting here waiting for fall to begin.

IMG_3463– Brianna

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2 thoughts on “Jackie and Marilyn | Chambray on Chambray

  1. I adore the pattern mix you have going on here! I’d love for you to link up this look with my blog today if you haven’t already! We’re styling chambray, too!

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