Jackie and Marilyn | Darkness Between the Fireflies

This outfit is actually nearly a month old, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about it. Minnesota has been unseasonably cold lately (50s and 60s) and I just want to remember a steamier time. I wore this sundress from Eshakti.com to a concert at the Minnesota Zoo. I had never been to the zoo for a show before and by golly it was GORGEOUS. We went to see Mason Jennings, one of my favorite local artists who I have seen too many times to count, but his performance at the zoo became my all-time favorite. During a song called Darkness Between the Fireflies, there were actually fireflies…it was that good.A pair of swans sat in a pond nearby to listen to the show, and at one point there was a rainbow. I highly recommend to catch this outdoor venue if you’re in the Minnesota area!
I wanted to wear something comfortable and cool to the show, as I knew it was going to be warm and we were going to be sitting on tiny cement bleachers the whole show (the one downside!). I chose this dress because it is so light you might as well be naked and it has pockets! I will never overlook a dress with pockets.
Mason3 Mason1
I wore my trusty (now almost completely broken) ModCloth sandals to make sure to break them in before my wedding. I miss how white they were in this picture!
The flower earrings are hard to fit in to an outfit sometimes but when I do I always enjoy showing them off.
I kept the hair swept back to fight the heat, and put a flower in it to up the sass.
I’m hoping summer isn’t over for good here in Minnesota, but if it is, at least I had this night and this outfit!
What I Wore:
Dress: Eshakti.com
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: ModCloth
Hair Flower: H & M
– Melissa

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