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Thanks for sticking with us over our week off! It’s been busy in our world, and last weekend (August 1) I got married! I’m going to share some of my favorite candids, but if there is demand later on, I’ll share some of the professional pictures from the photographer as they come back. My cousin, who normally does professional family and newborn portraits lifted her “no weddings” rule for me and I couldn’t be happier with the preview. If you’re in the MN area and need a family portrait, I strongly recommend checking out PKV Photography.

Olson Wedding

I found my dress pretty early on in the “Party Dresses” section of Miranda’s Vintage Bridal. It was my exact measurements and at a great price, so I took the plunge. My loved ones were concerned but I knew it was “the one” and pretty soon I had everyone else on my side. The dress is from the 1970s and is fully lined, which helped a lot in making it look like a little more than a summer sundress. Since our wedding was “Luau” themed, it fit perfectly. I don’t think anyone was surprised that I bucked the traditional gown, but in case you were, sorry not sorry! I’d do it again (but let’s hope I don’t have to).

11825883_10153077348510678_3285462111615781566_n 11402905_10206360277301276_5319795145220513699_oMy best friend, who is a hairstylist and has been responsible for making me look presentable since I was 14, did my hair. I knew I didn’t want an updo but didn’t want my hair everywhere either, so she made me this wonderful half-back waterfall braid. I had tried out many, many flower crowns hoping I would find the right one that was comfortable and didn’t make me look like too much of a fairy (we all want to be a little bit fairy on our wedding day) but, with the busyness of my dress, nothing looked right. Thankfully, Amazon exists and I got this wonderful flower last minute!

11802739_10101499527926371_1434512176043113775_o 11059994_10101499528540141_4751062663019227592_oMy necklace is from ModCloth and I lost it three times before the wedding. I am very happy I found it in time (again) to wear it. Cupid definitely struck me when I met my husband! I had arrow earrings from ModCloth as well, but my bestie gave me these earrings a couple days before and they were the perfect finishing touch.

11754549_10205754383151339_4695801858667225471_o I wore $8 ModCloth sandals because they are THE MOST COMFY. They were supposed to be my back up and I’m glad I had them. My original sandals were very slippery and very purple. Turns out there is such thing as too much lavender.

11792057_10204651848837446_232707103968652261_oYou’ll see that Adam took off his dress shirt after the ceremony and ended up looking like Aladdin. This only makes me happier that we tied the knot.

11822760_10205965959725741_1056685670489246187_n 11811413_10101498902878971_1750338704431931791_n 11800368_10101498902819091_4568109226946419430_nThis whole wedding was DIY and highly budgeted, which is what I wanted. It was a lot of work, and even more work for people like our parents and friends who pulled out all the stops to get the house and decorations looking great. I have no problem with a giant, expensive bash, but being Millennials with student loan debt and a wish for a home sooner than later, we knew that we couldn’t personally justify spending the money on a day. I honestly felt like it was a million dollar affair! There was no drama, no stress (day of at least) and every one just hung out in the yard, sipping boxed wine and sweating to no end. I have too much social anxiety to willingly invite 200 people into my yard to gawk at me, but I’m so happy that I did. The support and love Adam and I felt was astronomical! Thanks to all involved – now I’m off to sleep for another couple weeks!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.55.28 PM

Dress: Miranda’s Vintage Bridal
Hair Flower: Amazon
Necklace: ModCloth
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: ModCloth

– Melissa


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