Jackie and Marilyn | Forever Summer

Guys, is summer over yet? Do I still have to keep doing this whole summer thing? Really?

Fine. Only for 57 more days, though.

Sometimes it can feel to me like summer drags on forever, so the theme for this week’s outfit is Forever…21, that is!

IMG_2980Most of the main pieces of this outfit come from Forever 21: the skirt, the blouse and the hat. I recently claimed I was giving up on Forever 21 because it can be such a hassle to find something, let alone something that fits, but then I saw these beauties and sort of went back on my word.

IMG_3000 IMG_3006That’s sort of Forever 21’s thing, though. You dig around forever (ha-yuck) until you find one or two things that makes the whole effort seem worth it. Maybe. We’ll see if I go back again after these finds 🙂

IMG_3047 IMG_3043 IMG_3034The blouse has been a huge staple of mine all summer. It looks great tucked into a skirt and is nice and blousey at the bottom for draping over high-waisted shorts.

IMG_3050I loved mixing the linen/chambray pattern with the daisies, but I opted for a simpler earring. Enter these denim beauties from A Delightful Shop!

IMG_3066 IMG_3069For my shoes, I broke out my new wedges from ModCloth, purchased during a recent summer sale. They are actually some of the most comfortable wedges I have ever owned. I can walk in them without feeling like I am going to trip over myself, but I still get the height I want! Major pro for a klutz like me.

IMG_3070What I Wore:
Blouse: Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: ModCloth



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