Jackie and Marilyn | Put Your Best Butt Forward

“I would never put that side of me towards the camera” my mom exclaimed as she took my pictures for the blog this week. I was a little iffy about the outfit before we took pictures and felt even more uneasy after previewing them on the camera. But…I’m posting them because it’s the year of not giving a hoot (I have been subsisting on cupcakes now for a week and I don’t see myself stopping anytime before the wedding).
CropPants1I have always tried to hide my butt with dresses and more slimming pants but, just like Brianna, I got these pants at TJ Maxx and was determined to make them work though they weren’t traditionally “me.” It’s funny because we didn’t coordinate posts this week –  great minds tackle getting out of their outfit boxes alike!
CropPants2These pants are actually pretty comfy and stretchy and lightweight! Their natural waist makes it perfect to pair with a crop top! The button up over it is one of my only and favorite button ups from Forever 21.

CropPants3CropPants4My family dog is over helping with wedding prep…and with pictures!
CropPants6So everyone, this is my butt. In pants. I hope to always be confident enough to put it towards camera. Show us your supposed “flaws,” I bet they are beautiful!

What I Wore:
Pants: TJ Maxx
Crop Top: Forever 21
Button Up: Forever 21
Shoes: Zulily
Sunglases: Target

– Melissa


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