Jackie and Marilyn | Maxi-mize Your Wardrobe

I can be a victim of my own boxes that I have placed myself in over the years – I can wear this, I can’t wear that – but lately I have been getting sick of the limitations I place upon myself based on how I perceive my body to be. So when I won a TJ Maxx gift card at a picnic for my office building last fall, I decided to use the funds to try something new to me: a maxi skirt.

IMG_2902Admittedly, I was a little terrified going into taking these photos because I am ever afraid of showing my “pooch.” Spoiler alert: I do not have washboard abs! But I’m ok with that, and I need to be ok with the photos I take as a result. It sometimes requires lengthy internal pep talks but I don’t want to miss out on fashion trends I enjoy simply out of fear! (One exception: peplum tops. Nope and nope.)

IMG_2900What I do like about my body in this skirt is it accentuates my hips in a way that I think is ultimately flattering for my pear-shaped body. The diagonal lines of the skirt help with that a LOT. And the skirt is SUPER soft and comfy! I love comfort so much!

IMG_2906Women all have their “one thing” they don’t like or like to hide about their bodies, and sometimes that changes with each day of the week. I’m not immune to this – far from it. But I find that the more I actively try not to care and just enjoy my body and what I am wearing, the happier I am overall.

So ladies, try something new! Test out a fashion trend that scares you! You may surprise yourself with how much you can “pull off” something you thought was an impossibility.

IMG_2950For details with this outfit, I chose some fun yellow shoes and accessories to feel sunny, because happiness! Also I chose tall wedges because this skirt is a little short on my frame 🙂

IMG_2964 IMG_2970What I Wore:
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Random boutique
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Skirt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: DSW

Now I want to hear from you. What are some of your fashion fears? Have you ever tried conquering them? How successful were you?

– Brianna


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