Jackie and Marilyn | The Bachelorette

As you saw from Brianna’s last post, we had a fun time last weekend celebrating the last of my Singledom (good riddance!) at a bachelorette party awesomely hosted by my sister.
I opted to wear my red bird dress from Eshakti because:
1. It’s one of my favorites of all time;
2. It makes me feel beautiful;
3. It’s comfy and maintenance-free; and
4. It has pockets
received_10206900385977841On a day where I was running around the zoo, accidentally getting sprayed on by a decorative fountain, judging an improv sing off for my love, cuddling dogs and rapping with the best of them at karaoke, I was happy to feel comfortable and fashionable.
FB_IMG_1436972456941I brought my red floppy hat with, but soon realized it made photo ops with others impossible, so I risked sunburning my head and went without! Although they aren’t the prettiest, I wore a trusty pair of flip flops to get the most adventuring in.
20150711_135931My sister got us all leis to wear (my wedding is luau themed) so with that, my adventure outfit was complete!
FB_IMG_1436974128249I’m so glad to have gotten so lucky to have these women in my life! I’ll be honest, my anxiety was on high before the party started, because all day social shindigs are not always easy for me – but I had a BLAST! Noting like watching Brianna and your mom aggressively compete in a scavenger hunt!
received_10206900385257823One of my favorite things about getting all my girls together? We all ended up matching! There seemed to be a very unspoken patriotic theme going on with all the red, white, and blue, and my Mom even wore the same earrings as me, which was also unplanned!
received_10206900385657833 received_10206900385377826 FB_IMG_1436972509899 FB_IMG_1436972438080
What I Wore:
Dress: Eshakti.com
Earrings: ModCloth
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Hat: Gift from my sister
Shoes: Target
– Melissa

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