Jackie and Marilyn | Not Always A Bridesmaid

Happy Friday, folks! Hope you’re enjoying your summer and all the activities it brings. For many of you, one of those activities may be planning, attending or participating in a wedding (T-22 days until Melissa’s big day!!)

With weddings comes all the various styles and among those styles are the ever evolving fashion of bridesmaids. Not every wedding includes a line of ladies wearing the exact same dress anymore, which is fantastic because there have been some amazingly creative pattern and color combinations! However, no matter how creative your bride is, sometimes as a bridesmaid you end up spending money on a dress you’ll probably never wear again.

Or will you???

This week as we are in the thick of wedding season, I wanted to share some tips for some of you who will be in weddings this summer that need a way to use that cute frock once again! Depending on your dress, there are plenty of ways to refashion that beauty for more regular use.

I want to focus on using a bridesmaid’s dress for a night out, with girlfriends or a casual date with your sweetie. The dress I chose to build off of is this gorgeous little number from Weddington Way!

dm-53183sxe-blue-green-frontI chose this dress for a very specific reason: It is a shape I adore and I absolutely know will complement my body type, but it’s not a color I would normally choose for myself. I think that’s where a lot of ladies end up falling with their leftover bridesmaid’s dresses, particularly with current trends of brides choosing a color and letting the bridesmaids pick a dress that fits their frame. However, just because it’s a color you wouldn’t normally wear doesn’t mean it’s a bust! Think of it as a new adventure in hue experimentation 🙂

The first thing that jumped out at me was the model’s shoes – I love the neutral tone of the gold heel! But it’s a little too fancy for a casual night out, and if I was going to restyle a bridesmaid’s dress for non-wedding wear, I’d want to avoid anything that feels too formal because it would just make me feel like I was dressed to go to a wedding again. But wanting to keep the similar color themes, I would go for a really casual wedge like these beauties from ModCloth.

The next thing I noticed is that this dress matched a beautiful set of Jamberry wraps I recently saw (and am currently wearing)! If I wanted to find a casual but fun way to complement this dress, I would definitely play it up with matching nails!

MUs5MA==Now that V-neckline is begging for some kind of drop necklace. I would probably avoid any jewel-type necklaces just because I want to keep it simple, so this tiki necklace from Francesca’s is perfect!

I would probably pick some bold drop post earrings – no matter what I do, if my hair is up and not in a ponytail, I feel super dressy, so I would probably let my short curls hang low with this dress. And where would I go for my earrings? A Delightful Shop, of course! I feel like I buy all of my earrings from her now, but I’m ok with that. They’re too adorable and well-made not to buy! These number 2 mums would be, for lack of a better word, delightful 🙂

Me personally, I always have to have something on my shoulders no matter how warm it is. I would wear some kind of cardigan on over this dress normally, but since it’s summer, that just doesn’t feel right. However, the Monroe Kimono from Lularoe would be a perfect middle ground for that draped effect I love without being stifling in the summer. This pink and grey floral kimono would be so cute with the teal dress!llr_20141021_229

For some extra fun, I’d pair the kimono with a wide brim hat for a chic boho look. This panama hat from ShopeRuche is neutral and would pair with the grey in the kimono perfectly.

And with that, you have a super cute casual night out style with a bridesmaid’s dress! The one point to stress is that wearing something like a bridesmaid’s dress again is all about trying different things and putting items together you normally wouldn’t think of pairing. Get creative and be you!

If you have any questions or would like some suggestions on refashioning your own bridesmaid’s dress, feel free to post them in the comments 🙂 Happy wedding season!

– Brianna


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