Jackie and Marilyn | Crowned

I hereby crown me, Melissa, Queen of the overdressed! I wore this outfit to a My Morning Jacket concert that we ended up scoring tickets to last minute. I put on the outfit, decided it was too fancy and then proceeded to try on a billion other outfits. I finally broke the news to my fiance: “I’m sorry, but I have no normal clothes.”

Now yes, I could’ve worn jeans (barf) and a t-shirt – I promise I do OWN these things. But my desire to wear them for any occasion is very low. I was definitely the most overdressed in the crowd, but I felt comfortable and like myself – and that’s what I decided mattered!
FlowerCrown1Hanging out in a small town after moving out of the city AND working from home a lot of the time, leaves me little occasion to get dressed up for. When you have a brand new flower crown to try out, do you just let it sit in your closet? I think not!
FlowerCrown3FlowerCrown5I got this dress as a Stylish Surprise from ModCloth earlier in the spring. The anticipation of having something random sent to you sends me into a gleeful tailspin. You should’ve seen the urgency in which I texted back and forth with Brianna after they announced that it was “Stylish Surprise” season again and I couldn’t get the site to load! Thankfully, I finally got in and handed over all my money, later receiving this romantic maxi! I almost made it my wedding dress it’s so beautiful, but I have something a little more flavorful in mind.
FlowerCrown2FlowerCrown6I wanted to make this outfit a little less fancy so I decided to add a purple cardigan, even though it was warm enough to go with out. I definitely appreciated it when I walked 20 blocks back to my car in the pouring rain after the show! Looks like my bright white maxi needs to get dry cleaned now!
FlowerCrown7What I Wore:
Flower Crown: Amazon
Dress: ModCloth
Earrings: Target
Sunglasses: Target
Cardigan: Thrifted
– Melissa

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