Jackie and Marilyn | Courthouse Chic

Things are HEATING UP. I mean, it’s supposed to be summer (and the weather is stuck, for the most part, in spring), but also my life is going at the typical “Blink and you might miss it” summer pace. I have less than two months before I get married in my yard and the the to-do list is out the door!
1June2Thankfully we got one thing checked off the list last week: we applied for our marriage license! We both had to take time off of work since the courthouse for our county isn’t close to us and isn’t open on the weekends. It was nice to get up early, get dressed and NOT go to work.

1June1I could’ve gone to the courthouse in my PJ’s, but as it was a day I was hoping to remember, I wanted to wear something a little more fancy and a little more wedding-themed. I got this dress from an Instagram shop that always haunts me. The shop is so popular that you can’t really “claim” anything before someone else gets to it. I was 3rd back up for this dress, so I’m pretty lucky the first two fell through!

1June5The butterfly belt was a find from my thrift and garage sale shopping on my birthday. There was a “pop up” vintage shop on the side of the road (really) and I had to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING. Luckily this cute butterfly belt was only $1 so I had to have it. Throw in my favorite white sandals and some pastel sunglasses and you have an outfit to coax the sun out!
1June41June3The courthouse took a total of 15 minutes, so we spent the rest of the day going to birthday lunches with coworkers and registering for gifts. Now to fight the urge to elope….;)

What I Wore:
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Zulilly.com
Belt: Garage Sale
– Melissa

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