Jackie and Marilyn | Sort of Summer

As I put together my summer outfits, I tend to run into the same patterns: Dress or blouse-and-skirt/shirts combo, flat shoes, minimal accessories. Because I’m not a huge summer person, I feel like warmer weather is limiting because the more you add on, the higher risk you end up sweating all day. And it’s not even over 75 degrees in Minnesota yet, but I’m already falling into that trap!

But we are creatures of habit. The most important thing for me to keep things fresh during this time period is to wear as many patterns as possible and try fun, new color combinations.

IMG_1975A bold skirt with a subtle print blouse is perfect for this type of outfit! I liked mixing my polka dot blouse with the fox skirt. I also enjoyed how a Peter Pan collar can stand so well on its own so you don’t need a cardigan, blazer or other type of outer layer to complete it.

IMG_1951IMG_1955IMG_1911For colors, I mixed mint with my bold yellow Salt Water sandals because a) I wanted to wear these sandals and b) Mint and yellow are not two colors I would normally pair together. Mint tends to be something I pair with other pastels. However, I thought this color combination worked perfectly!

IMG_1910I added yet one more pattern with my button earrings. They make even the simplest summer outfits perfectly fun.

IMG_1919What I Wore:
Blouse: ModCloth
Skirt: Shop Ruche
Earrings: Brickyard Buffalo
Sandals: ModCloth

– Brianna


2 thoughts on “Jackie and Marilyn | Sort of Summer

  1. mommylap says:

    I love the color tension you’ve created with the mint top and bright yellow shoes. It adds an energy to this outfit beyond your on point pattern mix! As always, love!

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