Jackie and Marilyn | Birthday Vacation

Last year my husband and I road tripped to Yellowstone in honor of his golden birthday. This year, it was a milestone birthday for me (25) so I got to choose where we went for a vacation. And I chose Nashville! It’s a city I’ve always been interested in, particularly with its music culture, so we made the 14-hour drive down. I don’t have a lot of vacation time at work so we left Friday and came back Monday. Yes, I realize this is insane. But it was also a lot of fun πŸ™‚ We stayed at an adorable Airbnb in the attic bedroom of someone’s home, which was actually pretty wonderful! (And inexpensive for the cost-conscious young traveler)
IMG_1676IMG_1693 IMG_1695I treated myself to a birthday outfit before the trip because I really wanted to go for a 1950s rockabilly look while I was traveling.
IMG_1706 This dress could not only double as a picnic blanket but is also super comfortable! It comes with a lined bodice so I could wear it on its own happily.
IMG_1777 IMG_1781The sandals are Salt Water, which I already own a pair of and love! One tragic piece, though: I forgot they have UK sizing and didn’t notice I ordered two sizes two big until they were already with me in Nashville! … but I still wore them. And crazily enough, no blisters! Just a testament to how comfy they truly are πŸ™‚ I want them in all of the colors.

What I Wore:
Head Scarf: ModCloth
Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: ModCloth

While on the trip, we visited Third Man Records (which I cannot express how excited I was to visit…it may or may not have been my spark of inspiration to choose Nashville to begin with), rode around the city using the bike share system (AMAZING), toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, saw a bluegress band and a gospel hymn band play, ate sushi and tacos, did some vintage shopping (I bought a dress and blouse that will definitely be featured in the future from a shop with the same name as my puppy! Perfection), bought a lot of records (hey, it’s called Music City!) visited a local brewery with the guy one of my friends is dating and his friends, who were incredibly welcoming, and just generally enjoyed wandering a new city. While we got in a lot of what we wanted to see and I am very content with the trip, I definitely want to go back again πŸ™‚ Hooray Birthday Month!

11039247_10204244900463991_7686470486372964820_n 11267750_10204250202316534_4919304424438869936_n 11265114_10204244272448291_6545297547621711144_n 11119108_10204250200036477_7001866402206767125_n

– Brianna

4 thoughts on “Jackie and Marilyn | Birthday Vacation

      • They are a light gold so pretty neutral. I love them and they go with everything but they did get a little scuffed up. but they are light so they aren’t that noticeable. I’m interested to see how the red ones hold up and if they get scuffed.

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