Jackie and Marilyn | Self Love Week: What We Love

This week on Jackie & Marilyn, we are focusing on the very important subject of self love and body confidence, which is often the driving force behind many of our fashion choices. Today we are taking a moment to follow Claire’s example and engage in self love.


I chose this photo because it was caught in a moment when my husband and my dog were both cracking me up, and it displays a genuine moment of happiness. Nothing to me is more beautiful than someone who is genuinely happy (see Melissa below) and it’s important to recognize that in myself.

There is a great Amy Poehler quote that reads something like “You would never think or say such mean things to your friends. We need to give ourselves a break.” Reading that quote a while back led to an important epiphany I had where the biggest bully/mean girl I dealt with in my adolescence was me. So every day I make an effort to say one nice thing to myself about how I look or one thing that I love about myself. And honestly, it has made such a difference.

Remember that you are your biggest critic and biggest cheerleader, and you have the choice and the power to decide which one you are going to be.


I know this is just a picture from this month, but I adore it because I am truly (very visibly) happy and carefree. I don’t “smile” often, my face is either completely contorted in laughter or nothing at all – so I often get the “you should smile more” speech from people I know and strangers alike. Well guys, here is my smile! I picture my future with this man to be one full of laugh lines and I can’t wait to earn them!

11212168_10101390491356531_3427416728259644284_o (1)Remember that we want to see your pictures! Instagram your pictures with #jandmloveyourself and gain an extra entry to our giveaway.


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