Jackie and Marilyn | Dear Spring

I don’t want to jinx it guys, but spring is here! By no means am I sunbathing or turning on the A/C but there are a lot more thunderstorms than snow storms, and that’s all one can really ask for!
Ap30IMG_7243I wanted to celebrate spring this weekend with some springy hues, shoes and accessories! I wore this vintage wrap dress while running errands and it made me feel like I worked in a flower shop or some cute little bakery that just opened up its patio for the season. Really I was a girl searching for cheap coconut oil at CstCo, but I prefer pretending. 🙂
Apr30IMG_7250I paired this outfit with some fun flats from Target from last spring, as well as some cute little envelope earrings from ModCloth. I’d like to think they are a letter from spring saying “Hey girl, it’s been awhile…I’ll be there soon!” I actually ended up buying a $2 sweater later in the day at a thrift store just to keep warm. I need to remember that spring doesn’t necessarily mean summer.
Apr30IMG_7252Apr30MG_7258I have been keeping it very simple lately with my outfits. Some would say I’m growing or changing my fashion sense, but I’m pretty sure I’m just lazy. When a new season hits I usually spend a couple weeks trying to remember what I even have and what it goes with and what even still fits after a brutal Minnesota winter that takes so many cupcakes to survive. I’m sure I’ll be back to overdoing it soon 🙂
What I Wore:
Earrings: ModCloth
Shoes: Target
– Melissa

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