Jackie and Marilyn | Vacolorful

SUNSHINE! I may have had to go on vacation to find it, but the last week was all about soaking up some much needed rays and being as comfy as possible in the process.

I went on a little mini vacation with my fiance to Arizona. He lived there for a couple years for school and it had cheap flights so we thought “why not?” My parents have been snowbirding there this past winter and we were watching their dog…so the second they got back we switched places.
IMAG1244_1I packed a lot of sundresses but spent a majority of my time in this very 80s set. I got this floral set and a more tropical one at the same time a couple months ago from Goodwill. I wasn’t quite sure if I could pull it off – or if I even wanted to – but I’m super glad they exist! Nothing like elastic high-waisted shorts to drive around and over eat in!
received_10100712857599789_1I kept the color going with my new floral Jamberry nail stickers and a delicious shaved ice. I kept the rest of myself accessory free for simplicity’s sake, which is great since we were at an open air zoo and the ostrich was known to steal people’s jewelry.
IMAG1224_1The zoo we went to was Out of Africa and it is pretty great! No closed in exhibits, just a lot of animals that could no longer make it in the wilderness with giant areas to roam. Sometimes they are close enough to see from the safari bus, but if not, they are left to go on with their day. Here I am feeding a tiger they brought in to a separate enclosure for lunch. He ate his weight in chicken and steak and is pretty much my hero.

What I Wore:
Shorts and Shirt: Goodwill
Nails: Jamberry
Sunglasses: Target

– Melissa



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