Jackie and Marilyn | Easter Eggcellent

It seems these days I don’t know WHAT to dress for. The transition from winter to spring in Minnesota can be a tricky one: Will it be cold? Will it be hot? (I can tell you those are the only two options). Cold mornings lead way to warmer than usual afternoons lead to random snow blizzards lead to thunderstorms. Is it April Fool’s all month long? I’m sure the next couple posts will be a whole lot of me trying my best to dress for the weather as well as stay away from my winter clothes.
bIMG_7112After 10 inches of snow last week, it is now 70. Great weather for a sundress – but not when your office is still chilly and your legs still haven’t seen sun in quite some time!
bIMG_7110Enter this long sleeved pastel vintage dress! Perfect and lightweight, but not too jarring to my still winterized body. I got this dress off of an Instagram shop last year and love love love it. It makes me feel like an Easter egg, which I am going to go ahead and deem as a good thing in this context.
bIMG_7114Since my legs need work and I had this matching pair of pastel tights I thought “WHY NOT?” I generally like to stay away from light tights and leggings as I don’t think they are flattering on my strong legs, but when they match this perfectly you can’t really go wrong.
bIMG_7128I was initially wearing boots with this outfit but I could not wait to bust out my new sandals I got from zulily.com. I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of use out of these babies this summer as they are super comfortable. I also have a feeling they won’t be this white for long 😦 If it takes mud to usher in sundress weather…well so be it!

What I Wore:
Dress: Vintage
Tights: Target
Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: Gift/Handmade
Shoes: Zulily.com
– Melissa

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