Jackie and Marilyn | Lula-Jam

Sometimes your friends are terrible influences on you morally. Luckily my friends are only terrible (read: great) influences on my pocket book! Both my friend Sarah and my blog other half, Brianna, got me into some serious trouble with both Jamberry and Lularoe, respectively. Sarah is a Jamberry consultant and Brianna hosted an online Lularoe party.
jam6If you’ve read this blog before, you are no stranger to either! But if you need a refresher: Jamberry are these great little nail stickers that (so far so good) stay on forever and Lularoe is a comfy, American-made clothing company. No one is paying me to say any of these things; both are pretty great. Since I got my orders for both on the same day, I figured why not wear all my spoils at once?
Jam1jam7Since my closet is literally overflowing with dresses, I decided to get a tunic that I could wear with leggings from Lularoe. I think animal print gets a bad rap sometimes for being too gawdy, but it can be done right! Basically don’t wear it with feathered bangs and you’re good 🙂 I may have gone a little overboard wearing this to work, especially with pleathered leggings…but it was Friday so I don’t know what else they expected me to do.
jam8I was lucky enough to have exact matching earrings from my friend, Tasha.
jam5I admit I did these Jams in bed 10 minutes before lights out, so I could’ve and should’ve spent a lot more time on them but I’m not one for patience. Nonetheless, the little effort I did put in kept them looking pretty good. A couple bubbles that next time I will smooth out instead of shrugging and snoring.
jam4Another thing that came in the mail – a ring I ordered on a whim from Zulily. This entire outfit is online-deal shopping based, except for my shoes and earrings!
What I Wore:
Tunic: Lularoe
Leggings: Groupon
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Thrifted
– Melissa

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