Jackie and Marilyn | Pretty Nice Little Saturday

My husband and I had a rare weekend where we had…drum roll please…no plans. WHAT.

We relaxed at home for the most part, with the exception of a trip to Home Depot where we spent an hour trying to fit a new bathroom vanity into a Honda Civic.

When not MacGyvering furniture into an automobile, my husband and I enjoyed drinking tea, listening to records and watching all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which you NEED to watch!).

IMG_0225I went with a pretty simple outfit this weekend to match my complete lack of plans. Something about chambray and denim feels so stylish and classic at the same time.

IMG_0316IMG_0377Yes, I put shoes on inside, but just for photos! I had to make sure I showed the whole outfit. Oxfords and chambray are a perfect combo.
IMG_0443I finished it off with a week-old Jambicure and some fantastic earrings from A Delightful Shop!

IMG_0229 IMG_0400What I Wore:
Shirt: Old Navy
Earrings: A Delightful ShopJeans: ModCloth
Socks: Target
Oxfords: TJ Maxx

The best part of a free weekend is plenty of time to play with Luna. She makes everything better 🙂

IMG_0257– Brianna


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