Jackie and Marilyn | Parasushi

A sushi restaurant just opened in Chaska, which means my husband and I had to have a date night!

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull out my newest Lularoe dress 🙂

IMG_0092A Lularoe pop-up boutique happened to…pop up…not very far from my house recently. It was a good opportunity to see a Nicole dress in person! I’ve always been interested in the Nicole, as it is similar-ish in shape to the Amelia I love so much, but I knew would be structured differently. I had to try it in person before I dedicated.

IMG_0099The fabric is lighter than an Amelia for sure and I think that makes it great for the warmer weather that is coming. The skirt, as a result, is a little more flowy and makes it perfect for twirls!

IMG_0053It should be noted that, when these photos were taken, the weather hadn’t quite hit their amazing spring levels yet so I was definitely freezing.

IMG_0098I love the print of this particular Nicole dress so much. The little parachutes are too cute! It’s the perfect print for me. I added stopwatch earrings because if you’re going to go with precious patterns, you might as well dedicate to it.

IMG_0119IMG_0109IMG_0141Though I do love my Nicole dress, I don’t know if I would buy another one. I like where the waist hits on the Amelia more, but I could probably be swayed by an adorable enough print 😉 But that is the best part about Lularoe – there is a dress shape for everyone! If you like a lower waistline on your dresses, the Nicole would be perfect for you and I absolutely recommend it!

Speaking of recommendations, this is not the first time I have raved about Lularoe. Now I want to invite you to try it out for yourself! I am hosting an online Lularoe party this Thursday and Friday with Lularoe with Lucero, the lovely consultant who turned me on to this addiction! If you’re interested, join her Facebook group and check out her inventory. If you find something you like, you can claim it right away by posting your email address and stating it is for Brianna’s party.

Here’s one last photo of me being a dork when my husband asked me to make a kissy face.

IMG_0136What I Wore:
Dress: Lularoe
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace: Etsy
Leggings: TJ Maxx
Boots: ModCloth

– Brianna


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