Jackie and Marilyn: First Year Faves

Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes for our first birthday! In the spirit of reflection, we decided to look back and choose some of our favorite posts, of our own and of each other’s, as well as highlight our most viewed blog post of the year. If you haven’t checked out these posts yet, take a look back with us!

Brianna’s favorites:

Jackie Style: Seasonal Transitions

IMG_6351It’s not surprise that my favorite outfit from our first year ended up being an autumn post. This outfit started as a way to wear a hat I was given after my friend Josie dressed as me for Halloween, which was the highest of compliments for me. It also combines my love of layers and autumn colors, and features one of my favorite apparel buys of 2014. Orange skirt FTW!

Marilyn Style: Jeanius

cIMG_5487I love this outfit on Melissa for two reasons: 1. She went outside of her comfort zone and she looks AMAZING, and 2. I want that rust blazer BAD. She looks casual and somehow insanely stylish at the same time, and it just works. I know pants are her worst enemy but I think the look works for her!

Melissa’s favorites:

Marilyn Style: Warming Up The House

IMG_4091This is my favorite outfit because of the mixes of pinks and the celebration of Spring/Summer that it personifies. Still being in the midst of winter, I feel like sundress season is so far away—but looking back on this outfit gives me hope! I also like this post because my mom was in town to take the pictures and I love sharing this kind of stuff with her as she got me in to the fashion game.

Jackie Style: The Great Pup Detective

IMG_9381I just think this is the most adorable thing. Brianna looks like a combination between a something out of His Girl Friday and Carmen San Diego, and she is beaming extra big in these pictures!  All good things. I’m sure this outfit is Luna-approved! Anything approved by your own dog is an automatic win!

Most viewed blog post:

Marilyn Style: Birthday Suit

1795309_10100949573145161_5792909171461885252_oWhen I heard this was the outfit with most views I scoffed a little–but I’m actually kind of proud and understanding of why this may be. I used to constantly stalk people’s swimsuit pictures (creep) to compare and justify, as I think most women unfortunately do this day and age. This is me 20lbs heavier than “normal”, happy, healthy, and celebrating! It’s my new normal, and I am happy to show it off. Want some great images to stalk? ModCloth recently did a swimsuit shoot with their employees (read: not your average model) and one thing is clear: We all look beautiful in a swimsuit! – Melissa

Melissa is, and always will be, a beautiful woman. I am so glad this post was our most popular because it made her realize how gorgeous she is all the time, and that smile is the most lovely part of the whole outfit! – Brianna

Did you have any favorite posts this year? What are some posts you hope to see from us in year two?


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