Jackie Style: Love Birds

I am a stubborn individual. When I am set on something, that’s just the way it is. I feel it is important to state this to preface my next statement: I wore non-sweater tights on Valentine’s Day when it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hear me out: The tights have little hearts on them! How was I not going to wear them on Valentine’s Day? That’s what I told myself while standing outside of my car in the cold for five minutes.

IMG_9656That’s as long as I lasted outside. Hence, all photos this week were inside 🙂

But hey, I changed my decision to wear flats and wore boots with a pair of socks underneath instead! Because I’m not entirely crazy…also, these heart tights were on clearance. Before Valentine’s Day. WHAT.

IMG_9631So obviously this past Saturday was Valentine’s Day, and I hope your day was filled with love even if you don’t like the holiday! There is a Stuff Mom Never Told You video that highlights 9 Types of Women on Valentine’s Day. Before I met my husband, I was a classic Anti-Valentine’s Day Crusader/Galentine’s Day Observer. I didn’t get the point.

But he loves Valentine’s Day. He believes in showing love every day, but he sees no reason to not do so on Valentine’s Day either. So for him, I sort of converted. Now I am a Romantic Underachiever/Galentine’s Day Observer. I don’t make a big deal out of it, but he gets a card and we spend the day together 🙂

This year we spent a romantic day car shopping, lol, but then we bought supplies to make sushi at home and went record shopping. The sushi did not turn out as well as it did last time we made it, so we ate ice cream for dinner instead. Whoops lol.

10930902_10203660920744863_2031426922144345372_n10500285_10203661939530332_5140976379706335088_nThe dress I wore for the day was a perfect-for-Valentine’s frock from Lularoe. Red with lace and thick enough to be appropriate for winter!

IMG_9664IMG_9660The bird belt seemed like an obvious choice – they look like they are kissing! Little lovebirds 🙂

IMG_9658And just in case you forgot about our Instagram giveaway, I wore my own pair of arrow earrings because Cupid I guess?

IMG_9659What I Wore:
Dress: Lularoe
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Belt: Charlotte Russe (old)
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: DSW

I would love to hear what your plans were for Valentine’s Day! Even if it was a date between you and Netflix, because that sounds beautiful. This past weekend I also celebrated the loveliest of all holidays, Galentine’s Day! But more on that next week 😉



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