Marilyn Style: Start Wearing Purple

In the last couple years I have been collecting purple items of clothing because my closet has been seriously lacking and I’m seriously in love. I think it all started with this plea from Gogol Bordello  but it has fledge into a color I find to be super fun to play with, plays nice with my hair and skin, and matches my purple eyeliner I often flock to.  No matter the hue, if it’s purple, I’m happy.

5IMG_6647I got this beautiful and warm sweater dress as a Christmas gift from Brianna last year. You will learn that we basically only get each other things from ModCloth and that this is a very good thing. Although it’s a very simple item, I love its shape, its feel and it seems to somehow “slenderize” my frame a bit more than most sweater dresses I own.

5IMG_6627 5IMG_6632Of course, I have to have purple glasses! I already have purple/pinkish Cat Eyes, but as my prescription got worse, I decided to get some new spectacles that weren’t so “out there” for days I want people to see my eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll cat eye every day for the rest of my life if I have to, but on days that I don’t feel like playing up my glasses these are the perfect mix of fun and serious for me.

5IMG_6638My other purple item is this slouchy hat. A nice lavender can really put a grin on my face and I think it overall helps lighten up this dark, wintery outfit. It’s also really great for when you don’t want to do your hair!

5IMG_6654I decided to let the purple shine and keep the accessorize to a minimum with just some necessary gray gloves, black tights and awesome 90’s black boots I got at a thrift store in Fargo.

5IMG_6649Cold shoots and having this Gogol Bordello playing in your head equals one things: Dance Party!

What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Gloves: Vendor
Tights: Target
Hat: Vanity

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