Marilyn Style: Rabbit Fur Coat

Usually the only Rabbit Fur Coat I like has to do with Jenny Lewis (most things I like have to do with Jenny Lewis). I’m more about faux fur myself but I do make an exception for this vintage/gifted sweater. I acquired it at a garage sale – along with many many other vintage goodies. Just before I left the lady who was gladly selling me all her teenage clothes also gave me this sweater. She had shown me a picture of herself wearing it and a dress I had just purchased and she thought I needed the whole outfit. I wish I could’ve kept the picture – we had strikingly similar features!
 2IMG_6432I wanted to keep the rockabilly/50s theme of this outfit going with some vintage-styled newer items that have popped up in this blog before. I love love love this salmon-colored top from ModCloth, but I had yet to dare wear it in the winter. Since I was going to a concert that I knew was going to be nice and sweaty, I figured this was the best time to try!
2IMG_64422IMG_6440I styled this shirt with my crinoline skirt from Eshakti and hid some warm leggings underneath for good measure. I love that this skirt sits on my exact waist and doesn’t float around as some waist skirts do. I guess that’s the point of custom ordering with your own measurements but it does blow my mind sometimes!
My new favorite shoes I bought on a whim from ModCloth during a recent sale. Normally my proportions don’t quite shine with knee-high anything, but these boots are slouchy enough to adjust to your standards and roomy enough to keep your calf from sweating away! Plus they are warm! What more could you want?
I tried to keep the accessories subtle – a black bow, some pearl earrings and a pink belt. That’s as subtle as I can get 🙂
What I Wore:
Sweater: Garage Sale
Skirt: Eshakti
Boots: ModCloth
Belt: H&M
Earrings: Target
Bow: Forever 21

5 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Rabbit Fur Coat

  1. mommylap says:

    This post has totally inspired me, let me count the ways. 1.) Your blondeness with the blonde fur looks totally amazing. I avoid tawny fur collars because I think they compete with my brown hair – I must rethink that. Clearly I may be wrong. 2.) The neckline on that coral top is AMAZING. I need to sew one up in that style asap. 3.) Fancy vintage style should always be photographed in front of the woods in January winter light.

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