Marilyn Style: Put A Ring On It

Since we are back from our holiday hiatus, there has been a lot to catch up on! Let me bring you back to a time before we had any snow, before I had my new puppy Wilford Brimley, to the day after I got engaged to my main squeeze! Yes the holidays and the time in between has brought me lots of good fortune and I am very happily exhausted with it all.


What does one wear to celebrate a new shiny ring? An eye-catching vintage dress, of course!
1IMG_6158 I got this dress at a local thrift store in the fall and hadn’t had a chance to wear it. Fearing I had lost my chance when the seasons changed, I figured I’d rediscover it sometime in May. Luckily, we had bit of warm weather and I got to bring this baby out to play! It seems to be handmade, which I love. I have been finding a lot of handmade vintage goodies lately and it has been rousing my desire to start making dresses myself. Since I am not a mad woman, I may wait until I have a little more free time and patience.
1IMG_6162I paired this dress with navy fishnets and blue velvet boots ā€“ a combo I am so happy to get away with in December! The boots were one of those perfect finds a couple years ago at a thrift store. They fit like a dream and were only $5. I try not to wear them on really messy days as they get dirty pretty easily, but YOLO, etc, etc. The belt is thrifted as well. I think this is my first fully vintage/thrifted outfit in a long time!
1IMG_6159I’m pretty sure these earrings show up in just about every other post. Nothing like the perfect garage sale find to fall back on when you need something simple and classy!
1IMG_6167Of course the outfit wouldn’t be complete without my ring. Adam got it for me from eBay. We had the ring discussion a couple of times: At first I didn’t want one, then we were just going to get tattoos, and finally we landed on a ring since finger tattoos wear really quickly. His instructions were “vintage and cheap” and although his lips are sealed on the cost, he got the vintage down pat! This ring is from the 1870s!Ā  The middle is opal, which is the October birthstone (the month we met). The diamonds around them are “mine-cut” as they didn’t have machines to cut diamonds way back then. I absolutely love it. I’m not highly traditional and am a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to romance, but this guy melts my heart so I’ll allow myself to brag just this once!
1IMG_6165I hope the new year brings you new happiness and maybe even new earrings! Make sure to enter our giveaway contest on our Instagram!


What I Wore:
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Earrings: Garage Sale/Gift
Boots: Thrifted
Ring: Vintage

6 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Put A Ring On It

  1. mommylap says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! I love this dress on you, and think the bold print would be fun to use playing with layers. I can see any variety of sweater options working with it! Don’t ignore all winter!

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