Jackie Style: Ar-brrr-etum

Guys, the weather is so nice in Minnesota right now!

Just kidding. It’s a frozen hellscape.

We did have some slightly warmer weather this Saturday – and by slightly I mean above zero degrees – so my husband and I visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which is very close to our home. They have free admission for the whole month of January! A perfect opportunity to visit an indoor farmer’s market and take some photos πŸ™‚

IMG_8321I realize I am insane for not wearing a coat, but I promise I was drinking warm liquids and wearing my coat in between photos! The photo below features a two-week-old Jamberry application – my first full mani πŸ™‚


In full-on survival mode, I opted for some very warm fleece leggings and three – count ’em, three – pairs of socks. They were all similar tones of beige so it’s not noticeable. You’ve gotta stay warm somehow, right? What else am I supposed to do – wear pants and seasonal-appropriate boots all winter? Please.

IMG_8327IMG_8353Something about a cloche hat will always make me feel like I walked right out of the 1920s in the best way. All of the cloche hats I own are made with a wool blend material so they also double as extra warmth. Just don’t ask me to take it off, ever. Hat hair is real and it is here to stay.

IMG_8368What I Wore:
Sweater: Target
Scarf: ModCloth
Hat: Target
Skirt: ModCloth
Leggings: Brickyard Buffalo (also seen here)
Socks: Everywhere
Shoes: ModCloth

We are excited to be back at the blog for 2015! The first thing we are itching to do it give away some gorgeous wood earrings – speaking of, have you entered our Instagram giveaway yet? We have a pair of wood arrow earrings from A Delightful Shop that will find a home on some lucky entrant’s ears as soon as we reach 500 Instagram followers! Be sure to share the giveaway photo on your Instagram account and direct people to the @jackieandmarilynblog Instagram account with #JandM500 to enter πŸ™‚


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