Marilyn Style: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

It seems lately all I am doing is rejecting the idea that I don’t have any “basics.” I promise, I really don’t have that many comparatively (this is coming from a girl with three black lace ball gowns) but I am trying to fix that.
zIMG_6029ModCloth has been driving me CRAZY lately with all of their sales and one-day deals. It seems like every day something I had been eyeing on the site was on super sale. This being the season of giving, I survived with buying only ONE dress. I think I deserve a round of applause! I had this cranberry-colored dress on my wish list and it already wasn’t too expensive, so when I saw it go to 50% off I figured now was the time to pull the trigger. I don’t have a lot of go-to holiday dresses that aren’t obnoxiously in your face, so I am glad to have something a little more basic and comfortable for the many celebrations coming up.
zIMG_6035Keeping the “basic” theme going, I paired this dress with a leather-trimmed black blazer, cozy as ever fleeced-lined tights, my flannel boots and a pearl necklace and earrings to class it all up.
zIMG_6043This headband is my new favorite, as I have always struggled with wanting to wear them but having too large of a head to make headband-wearing a headache-free reality. Nothing like cutting off circulation to your forehead to make you feel pretty! This headband is the first one I have found that stays in place with out giving me a headache! Plus, it’s sparkly!
zIMG_6042My favorite accessory of all time, though, has to be this smile. I have been ragged on A LOT by strangers and family alike for not smiling more. It’s not that I am never happy, I just suffer from Resting Bitch Face, as I know most of us do. When I force a smile for pictures, I end up looking deranged or like I’m about to cry, so I normally just leave the smile out all together. My boyfriend snapped this when we were “done” taking blog photos. He cracks me up a lot, so the genuine smile makes an appearance! Photographic proof that I do not have a heart of ice (sorry, Elsa).
What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: ModCloth
Blazer: Forever 21
Pearls: Forever 21
Earrings: Target
Leggings: Target
Headband: Len

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

  1. This outfit is darling and perfect for a not-so-in-your-face holiday ensemble!! Plus, the dress fits you beautifully, and it seems versatile enough that you could get a lot of wear out of it! Also, your smile is beautiful, you SHOULD smile more!! 😉

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