Marilyn Style: Frozen

So although Brianna brought back some warm weather this weekend, before that and after that (today it is blizzarding…) have been a little too wintery for pre-Thanksgiving. That’s Minnesota for you! I tried to mix some of my fall fashion with winter, and although I loved the look, unfortunately I was quite FROZEN by the end of the day.

Let it go, Let it go…..
eIMG_5829I felt like an ice princess in this maxi I recently purchased from a vintage shop on Instagram and although it’s going to make the perfect fall dress, I couldn’t wait another year to let it shine. It’s a little big and you know I like my waist cinched, but when something is this pretty, you get let it go (Ahem).
eIMG_5822eIMG_5813I was VERY excited to wear this cape that I bought for the shop (and is still for sale if you are interested). I couldn’t let it go (AHEEEM) with out a little test drive! Perfect, fleecy and made me feel like some sort of royalty! I love that there is a built-in scarf and the way the “sleeves” look when spread out is a dream. Someone please take this from me before I decide that I need it.
eIMG_5812eIMG_5807Here is the problem with this whole get up: it was around 0 degrees when I wore it. I wore tights underneath to try to stay warm but unless Brianna goes back to Florida to get us some heat, I may have to retire it until spring arrives again. You can’t see them in this maxi, but I am wearing some boots that I will also have to retire, as they are more fashion than function when you are standing in snow. You can’t blame a girl for trying!

As you may notice, I tried out my new setting lotion the night before for some curls. It works really well. I pulled it back with a cute hair pin I got from my mom. If anyone is ever interested in some insane body, foam rollers and setting lotion is the way to go!
What I Wore:
Dress: Instagram Shop (not sure which)
Cape: Thrifted
Shoes: ModCloth
Hair Pin: Gift

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