Marilyn Style: Date Night

For the first time in our relationship, my boyfriend and I went on an official date. Yes, we’ve been together for a while and even live together, but since we are so spontaneous we have never made the planned effort to go out together. Last weekend we decided to give this whole planning thing a go and went out for sushi and a movie.
dIMG_5774For the first time in our relationship, I was nervous about what I was wearing. My boyfriend has always been supportive of my “out there” style and even takes most of the pictures for this blog, but actually putting effort into an outfit for him was weird. “Is he cool with your…flair? ” my mom asked me when we first started dating. He is, so I decided to keep letting it show.
dIMG_5779I got this neat backwards-buttoned shirt at Goodwill recently. I love the collar and the puffed shoulders. It’s so feminine and sharp at the same time. Incredibly hard to put on, but that’s how it goes sometimes. It reminds me of a colonial woman churning butter, but not on the wings of an airplane.
dIMG_5787dIMG_5783dIMG_5788I got this crinoline skirt from, that great customizable clothing store from India. Every time this skirt has come in to stock it has gone out the same day, so after six months of waiting for it I finally have it! I think it’s perfect for the holidays and I’m excited to see how it looks with a crop top when summer comes back around.

dIMG_5775I completed my look with a pearl necklace, pink feathered earrings, pink belt, purple leggings and some pilgrim-esque high-heeled boots.
dIMG_5794dIMG_5795“Are you ready to eat sushi with a pilgrim in a faux fur coat?” I asked as we left. Well he didn’t say no, so I guess we are okay.
What I Wore:
Shirt:  Goodwill
Necklace: Target
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Cotton On
Tights: Target
Belt: H&M

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Date Night

  1. This outfit is adorable and so fun!! I looooove that crinoline skirt, I have been eyeing a couple other different styles they on eShakti, too! I hope your sushi date was fun!! 🙂

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