Marilyn Style: Let’s Rock, Let’s Rock Today

Sometimes you’re sick of being “precious” and you need to pull out the pleather. I’m not about to join a motorcycle gang or anything (I can’t even stay on my bicycle most days) but I do like to pull different looks out of the hat when I see fit.
bIMG_5448I am, admittedly, the girl you see at shows with wedges on. Though I’m not as bad as I used to be, I like to dress to impress at concerts. I don’t get out much and when I do it’s usually in a concert situation – so I ultimately save all my outfit ideas for a show. Summer is easy, you see plenty of people dressed in sundresses and flip flops and enjoying music. Once fall hits, people show up in their jeans and sweaters – and I don’t blame them! Walking from your parking ramp to the venue in the Twin Cities in the colder weather is the WORST. Sure there is coat check, but most Minnesotans (me included) are stubborn and try to make the journey sans coat. Though this outfit won’t work below freezing, it was the perfect mix of stylish and warm for a cool fall night.
bIMG_5451I got this dress from Forever 21 back when it was known as Gadzooks – so somewhere in my early high school days. I remember it closed when they were converting to Forever 21 because the space it was in wasn’t big enough for them. It was the saddest day but I am so glad they are so plentiful (and huge) these days.

This used to be my go to special occasion dress in high school and I still like to pull it out once in a while. The satin mixed with black lace makes me feel like I could style it in many different directions. I chose “rocker chic” for the concert, adding pleather leggings from Groupon and a black high-low cardigan with pleather panels.
bIMG_5460When I wear a lot of basic colors, I like to over-accessorize. Well I always like to over-accessorize but I find it even more fun in times like this. I added a black fascinator, black studded waist belt, prism-like raindrop earrings and black studded boots to make sure everyone knew I was here to party.
bIMG_5463…I then proceeded to leave the show early because I was tired. Hope I fooled at least some people!

Remember to enter our rockin’ contest to win a Lularoe skirt! Get the deets here.

What I Wore:
Dress: Gadzooks/Forever 21
Leggings: Groupon
Earrings: Gift
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: ModCloth
Fascinator: Forever 21


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