Marilyn Style: All of the Velvet!

Here I am again, wearing blue velvet. You would think it wouldn’t be a problem, but it is (a good one). This is a dress I originally bought to sell, and of course I slipped it on and muttered “oh crap” when it fit. Warning: when you wear an entire outfit of velvet, people will want to pet you. And you hug yourself a lot. aIMG_5305The real seal to the deal was knowing I had a lovely vintage woman’s velvet tie that matched. I have had it forever. I believe my mom found it for me at a garage sale/antique store and I have never worn it! Every time I go through my clothes to get rid of things I just don’t wear, I pick this up, stare longingly at it and put it back in the drawer. It’s not that I don’t WANT to wear it, it’s just kind of a specific accessory and one I always forget about.
aIMG_5319Having the perfect opportunity to wear my velvet and pearl tie was also the perfect opportunity to wear one of the many broaches in my jewelry box that never see the light of day. They are all so pretty, but what do you do with them as a 25-year-old of the here and now? Not many broachortunities in this world, unless you make them. I got this one this summer at a garage sale for 50 cents!
aIMG_5315 aIMG_5309For my non-velvet items, I wore plaid-printed tights, boot socks, and tall brown boots. If I had any of this items in velvet – I just might have gone there!

What I Wore:
Dress: Thrifted
Tie: Gift
Broach: Garage Sale
Tights: Target
Socks: Steve Madden
Boots: Target
Earrings: Target

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