Jackie Style: Leggings as Pants

I will be the first to say that leggings are not pants and they should not be treated equally.


If you wear a tunic or sweater that reaches below your hips, they can in fact be treated as pants. I have finally embraced this and it’s a very comfortable acceptance.

IMG_6165Leggings are perfect for weekend errands. Running around, sitting in the car…jeans just hold you back!
IMG_6187IMG_6140As much as I have embraced the idea of leggings as pants, I do feel like there are some boundaries. Here are my suggestions for styling leggings as your bottoms:

  • Cover your butt and genitals. Yep. I’m not saying you have to cover every inch of your body in some shame-filled form of modesty, but there are general rules of propriety for all genders. Covering these areas of your body is one of them
  • If you think your tunic or sweater might not be quite long enough, make sure to wear opaque – not translucent – leggings. Keeps your underwear or lack thereof from showing. It’s the same principle as men needing to keep their jeans from hanging too low and showing their boxers. It’s just not attractive.
  • And…that’s about it! I think as long as you keep these two guidelines in check, you’re good to go.

I love how combat boots look with leggings. I have a feeling I will be wearing this combo often!

IMG_6175It was just barely cool enough to wear a sweater with a cozy scarf this weekend. This was another amazing Brickyard Buffalo find that I’ve been wearing constantly.

What I Wore:
Scarf: Brickyard Buffalo
Sweater: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Leggings: Target
Boots: ModCloth (via Stylish Surprise)

Happy fall styling, friends 🙂 Get out and enjoy the leaves while you can!


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