Marilyn Style: Comfy & Cute II: The Secret of the Ooze

Now Brianna isn’t the only one who was completely taken by Lularoe. Obviously, if you love something, you share it with the people you love, so I got on board as well (oops). aIMG_5228 copy-1Out of all the styles, I liked the Ana dress the most. With winter coming, I wanted something that could transition well and also something that kept the color in my wardrobe. aIMG_5229My biggest fear was that the very soft fabric would be too heavy, and therefore unflattering on the bottom (let’s not add extra weight to the bottom of a pear shape, shall we?) but somehow, the skirt distributes very nicely. As Brianna mentioned, the dresses do seem to come on the larger side, so a belt was necessary for me to feel comfortable (big surprise).
aIMG_5240Most importantly, this dress is WARM. The heavy cotton makes it necessary to wear on the cooler fall days, but I’m not sure I’d wear it on a day that is above 70 degrees. I will miss those days fondly. But for a day full of gray clouds and sprinkles, this outfit did the trick while brightening up my day.
aIMG_5231 copySince the pattern is so popping, I made sure to keep my outfit simple with pink flower earrings, a thrifted pink belt and some lacey combat boots. It just so happens my thrifted umbrella matched the outfit, so it became both a necessity and accessory.

aMG_5241 aIMG_5218This is the dress I have my sights on next. It has heart eyes emoticons written all over it.

What I Wore: Dress: Lularoe Earrings: ModCloth Belt: Thrifted Boots: ModCloth Umbrella: Thrifted


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