Marilyn Style: Sweetheart, Hun, Darling

It’s another round of “pet names that make you laugh” by Melissa. I wore this darling little number out on the town on Sunday and got called every pet name under the sun. I usually don’t find pet names demeaning unless it’s in a situation where it’s used to undermine your authority (car shops, work, etc.) but I do find them quizzical and entertaining.
IMG_5293On Sunday I went to my favorite pizza place, Pizza Luce, and got called “Hun” by what from all appearances seemed to be the average college bro who was seating us (not meant offensively, just didn’t seem to be the “Hun” type). Then when paying for our meal I was called “Sweetheart” by our waitress who was not southern nor matronly, so…I’m at a loss for words. At Ikea a shopper called me “Darling” which, yes this dress is, but me, who was doing a “have to pee” dance awkwardly in the linen section, not so much. It goes to show you once again, our outward appearance makes a big impact on how strangers treat us, even if we are all consciously trying harder to look past the “Bro.” label (sorry bro).
IMG_5292Despite all the terms of hilarity, I do love this dress and I do find it darling. I found it in a secondhand store in my new hometown of Cannon Falls. Unfortunately, like most things in Cannon Falls right now, it is closing up shop soon because of lack of business. This little town is about a half hour from the Twin Cities and full of charm, so it’s hard to believe that it isn’t doing so hot. My boyfriend and I have been racking our brains on how to draw people here and save it, but we’ve only been there a week and I’m sure we are not the only ones rooting for it. If you are from the Midwest and want to see a great river, winery, go on a beautiful bike trail, or see where Nirvana’s In Utero was recorded, come see this town (and me)!
IMG_5290IMG_5298This dress originally came with a slip with the same lace detailing on it, making it longer and more layered. Unfortunately the slip is pretty big on me and looks a little too 80’s, so I decided to style it was a beige slip of my own. I absolutely love the lace detailing on the sleeves. I made sure to point dramatically at as many things as I could at Ikea.
IMG_5296Fall is here in full force, so layer was important. I am really loving that the boot sock trend is still in full force, as I think it helps me not wear pants and stay warm with gusto. I love the “light jacket” season, so I have been trying to take advantage of it as much as possible with my leather jacket. My fluffy down coat isn’t too far away I feel.
IMG_5281IMG_5300Try to stay warm out there, my darlings (and bros).
What I Wore:
Slip: Forever 21
Jacket: Member’s Only from TJ Maxx
Tights: Target
Socks: Steve Madden
Boots: Target
Earrings: Target

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