Jackie Style: Comfy & Cute

Instagram has proven to be a dangerous place for Melissa, with her amazing vintage and jewelry finds. It turns out I am not immune, either. Instagram introduced me to Lularoe, which sells comfortable, affordable clothing through consultants. I took one look at their dresses and was hooked! I connected with Amanda, who helped me get my first Lularoe fix.

IMG_5831_cropSeriously the comfiest dress I have ever worn. It felt a little loose around the waist, which took so getting used to, but the fabric is so soft! But ultimately the most important thing, and the best thing in the world ever, is that it has pockets. Deep pockets. Deep pockets that don’t show what’s hiding in them. Yes. IMG_5836_cropThe dress was perfect for showing off a new Brickyard Buffalo find. This simple bow necklace is delicate and adds a nice subtle look. Add a pair of oxford heels, black tights and a bow, and I was ready to go.
IMG_5892IMG_5891IMG_5893The weather here in Minnesota has been perfect. Not too biting cold and the leaves are amazing right now! I’m excited to spend more time outside. And maybe have another Lularoe fix. Only time will tell 🙂

What I Wore:
Dress: Lularoe
Necklace: Brickyard Buffalo
Tights: Target
Shoes: ModCloth


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