Marilyn Style: Always Prepared

I wouldn’t make the best boy scout, as their motto “Always Prepared” is the exact opposite of my life story. I moved to a little house in the woods this weekend and my life is in shambles. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being back in the country and am loving the cabin-esque feeling of my new place (mice included), but I can’t find anything! bIMG_5275
To harness my inner get-it-done unpacking warrior, I wore a good old boy scout uniform I got at a garage sale sometime in my high school days. I actually used to wear this uniform a lot as everyday garb but it sees the light of day less and less. There is something more cute about a 15-year-old-girl wearing a boy scout uniform than a 25-year-old-woman, but either way I can’t seem to part with it. It is from my hometown, which appeals to me even more.
bIMG_5273 copy
I dressed up the uniform with a good old puffy vest, slouchy hat, and some kick-ass boots. My mom HATES this hat. So much that I bet my boyfriend she would mention to me her dislike for it while she and my Dad were helping us move. She did and I moaned “I know.” We usually have the same sense of style, but it goes to show that every one is a unique little snowflake….and that a good warm (and pretty) hat is hard to come by. Sometimes function wins over fashion (but RARELY). I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off a slouchy hat and this is the closest I’ve come. Sorry Mom, but that hat stays!
My new favorite “pants” also are a part of my new woodswoman get-up. They were advertised on the rack as leggings, as they have no zipper and are very stretchy, but they are so thick and structured that you can easily wear them as pants without causing a “leggings aren’t pants” debate. I also love the pleather strip on the inside of both sides. I don’t know what their purpose is but I’m sure they look pretty tough in my new rugged surroundings.
Did I just compliment pants? I must need some rest.
I also have to apologize for the lackluster photos this week. Finding where my camera was in the pile of stuff before the sun went down was quite the feat. Never prepared!
What I Wore:
Shirt: Garage Sale
Vest: Thrifted
Pants: New York and Company
Boots: Modcloth
Hat: Thrifted

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: Always Prepared

  1. I am actually loving this tomboy/grunge/fall look but I have to admit I am a little shocked to see you not wearing a dress! 😉
    No, really, though, very cute fall look, and I love the layered tops with the boy scout shirt knotted up under the puffer vest! 🙂

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