Marilyn Style: The Hiker’s Guide to Dresses

Pants have never been my style and nothing plummets me further into despair than imagining romping around without a dress on. It may not seem like the most practical thing to wear a dress while hiking/biking/frolicking but for me there is no other way.
bIMG_5166As long as I have a good pair of boots and some sunshine, I’m ready for adventure. I am so happy that boots with dresses are in style, though even if they weren’t I wouldn’t recommend scaling old granite mines in stilettos. My boyfriend and I went to “The Quarries,” an old granite mine turned nature preserve, in St. Cloud, MN this weekend.  Although we got eaten alive by mosquitoes, I felt pretty at home romping the trails in this thrifted dress.
bIMG_5180A good hiking dress is hard to find. Is it breathable? Can you get it dirty? Can you move well in it? Will it attract bears? All of these questions are important. This dress, that I date in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, is actually from Coldwater Creek. Yes, that place your mom and favorite Ethics teacher gets their jeans. I have been surprised how much stuff I have thrifted with a Coldwater Creek label these days. Either they were way “cooler” back in the day or I am just getting old. I love the fact that it’s a maxi, is a full button down and I LOVE the cut out panels on the bottom. Not only is it super easy to move in (and climb rock piles) but it looks pretty epic when you walk!
bIMG_5192bIMG_5195I have been pretty upset with this year’s fall fashion trends. Basic colors and shapes are in, and I am OUT. My friend told me that  she heard this years biggest color was “Sand.” Sand is not a color and it is not in my closet. This is why I am happy with the COLOR and PATTERNS of fall dresses past, much like this one. I kept my accessories simple with black boots (with good grip), a black belt and black sunglasses. My favorite part of this outfit is my new earrings, which I think is an excellent mix of rocker and regal and make me look a lot cooler than a girl who got her ears pierced only a handful of years ago. I got them from New York and Company, another place I normally categorize as a “Mom Jeans” store, so I think my transition into practical adult is almost complete.
bIMG_517010670187_10100550729026749_8460082670002082756_n-1What I Wore:
Dress: Thrifted/Coldwater Creek
Boots: ModCloth
Sunglasses: Ruche
Belt: Thrifted
Earrings: New York and Company

4 thoughts on “Marilyn Style: The Hiker’s Guide to Dresses

  1. mommylap says:

    Adorable! I have 14″ Timberlands so I can hike easily in dresses. It’s funny how the quality of certain brand appeal doesn’t reveal itself sometimes until they get to thrift stores, because I’m amazed at how often I pull the same labels. About every awesome thrifted blazer I own is Talbots (the mother of all grown up “Mom” stores). It doesn’t bother me cause I’m both in my forties and a mom- but I don’t really dress like it. Also, VIVA LA COLOR!

    • I am surprised when I get looks hiking in a dress these days, I feel like its more prevalent but I guess not in some areas. And VIVA LA MOM STORE! I find myself thrifiting a lot of Ann Taylor Loft stuff too. I guess I have to start giving all these stores more of a chance. – Melissa

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