Marilyn Style: Home Sewn

I always wished I was good at sewing, but the first step is patience and that I have none of. Thankfully my Mom does, or at least she did when she was my age.

bIMG_5150Yes, believe it or not, my Mom sewed this and wore it in her youth. She sewed a lot of her own clothes and I am lucky enough to have stolen some out of storage. Vintage dresses that are tailored to my body type (we are twins) and have an extra special meaning to them, you can’t go wrong!
bIMG_5155Even past the sentimental factor, this dress rocks. It’s a form fitting maxi, has a super pattern and is perfect for the current fall transition! I paired this dress with a red feather headband I got a couple years ago on Venice boardwalk. I love wearing items I got on vacation because they always bring me back to that time and place!

bIMG_5156bIMG_5158Throw on a Goodwill belt and some old shoes and it’s time for some fall adventure!

I was lucky enough to have my make up professionally done by my friend Anna. Check up her make up blog here.

What I Wore:
Dress: My mom’s closet
Shoes: Cotton on
Jacket: Walmart (really)
Earrings: Target
Belt: Goodwill
Hair feather: Vendor on Venice boardwalk


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