Marilyn Style: Baby Blue Bargain

The 80’s are responsible for a lot of gaudy things (me included) and for that they get a bad rap. In my recent thrifting quests I’ve noticed a lot of “1980’s gone 1940’s” clothing that makes my heart weep. I love 1940’s style, in both the hourglass-friendly fit and femininity, but the 1980’s take usually covers all that up with shoulder pads, sequins and the smell of a lot of hairspray.  FINALLY though I found a 1940’s inspired dress that the 80’s got right!
bIMG_5130I got this baby on another Instagram shop for next to nothing ($6 shipped) so I wasn’t surprised when, a month later, I still hadn’t gotten it. I should’ve known it was too good to be true! But, just when I had lost hope (and completely forgotten that I snagged it) it showed up in the mail!
bIMG_5132Even though the buttons and embroidery do have a very 1980’s vibe they aren’t as over the top as most dresses of this time, and I actually think they add to its vintage-inspired appeal. I really love the fit of the bust, the waist cinching tie and above all else, the color!

bIMG_5134There is something so soft and sweet about this dress, it reminds me of something you would see a 1940’s Mom baking in. I think it’s so great (and crazy) back then you had “everyday dresses” that were basically the equivalent to sweats and a t-shirt in our time. I’m not gonna say I wouldn’t lounge in this, but it’s more likely I’m baking in PJ’s. And that none of the cookies end up getting made.
bIMG_5142I paired this dress with some pearl earrings and simple white sandals (not sorry, Labor Day). Since we are meandering into fall, I paired this with an oversized green sweater and basically felt like I was in private school all day. Hey, I’d wear a uniform if it was this pretty!

What I Wore:

Sweater: Target
Earrings: Target
Sandals: Thrifted


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