Jackie Style: Feeling Foxy

A while back, I saw a photo of someone pairing a flannel shirt with a nice skirt. “That’s weird,” I thought, until about three seconds later when I realized it’s actually brilliant. Casual, but still dressy, and perfect for fall. It became the inspiration for this week’s outfit!

IMG_5609I paired a favorite flannel shirt with my fox skirt for a little pattern mixing. Add the leggings and combat boots and it was a comfy, stylish outfit for running errands last weekend. What a pleasant surprise!

IMG_5625The reason I love fashion blogs, Pinterest and Melissa is because you can get so inspired to revamp your wardrobe’s potential without having to buy more clothes. Certainly I don’t discourage a splurge session for your closet, but it’s not feasible all of the time.

Apparently I was feeling sassy when this one was taken 🙂

IMG_5628To keep the fox theme going, I wore my new fox earrings from A Delightful Shop, an Instagram shop Melissa got me addicted to. Jamie’s earrings are AMAZING and handmade! I bought three pairs 🙂

IMG_5655I hope you all have a good week enjoying the last few days of “summer,” even though it’s definitely already fall 🙂

IMG_5656What I Wore:
Flannel Shirt: Forever 21
Earrings: A Delightful Shop
Scarf: ModCloth (old)
Skirt: Ruche (also seen here)
Leggings: Old Navy
Socks: Target:
Boots: ModCloth:



2 thoughts on “Jackie Style: Feeling Foxy

  1. Ooh, I love, love this outfit! You are killing me with your actual fall weather and fall outfits, but I love it all!! More fall outfit inspiration for when the temps do finally lower around here!! 😉

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